Sunday, February 17, 2013

Anderson Cooper Attends Carnaval Parade in Rio

Twitter lit up Saturday night with the news that Anderson Cooper was in Rio de Janeiro watching the Champions Parade at the Sambadrom.   While most of Carnival took place Saturday through Tuesday (the 9th thru the 12th), the Champions Parade was held on Saturday night, the 16th.  Below are a few more photos and a couple of articles (loosely translated).   With all the hours Anderson has been logging at work lately, here's hoping he's enjoying his well deserved vacation.  Since our favorite anchor is on vacation we're taking a break from our Sunday series this week, and wishing we were on the beach in Rio!

Anderson Cooper, anchor American, enjoy Rio Carnival 
The journalist was in camorte Devassa

The anchor of the American channel "CNN" Anderson Cooper attended the cabin Devassa to attend the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, on Saturday night (16). He already visited Brazil sometimes told that arrived yesterday at the state capital and was eager to watch the parade of champions in Sapucaí.

"I've watched a Carnival in Manaus. This event is known worldwide," he said, he has no intention of entering the catwalk samba. "Just watch," he pondered.

Cooper is a journalist trained by the renowned Yale University and has specialized in covering wars, covering conflicts in Bosnia, Somalia and elsewhere. Moreover, it was also very important in covering events like the death of Pope John Paul II, the devastation that Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami in Sri Lanka. In 2006, entered the list of the most widely read books of the "New York Times" the publication "Dispatches From The Edge."

In July 2012, the journalist revealed publicly being gay . "The fact is that I'm gay, always have been and always will be. And I could not be happier, comfortable and proud of me," said the presenter at the time.

The photo below was taken inside the "box" from which Anderson was watching the parade and from the looks of things the shirt he was wearing was required attire for admission.  Something told us it wasn't what Mr. Cooper would have chosen!

The CNN anchor Anderson Cooper in cabin during the parade of champions Carnaval Carioca 

The American journalist Anderson Cooper, anchor of CNN, told on Saturday (16) in the Marquis de Sapucaí that is very eager to see the parade of champions. "I'm in Rio since yesterday. I've watched the Carnival once in Manaus," he said on arriving at the cabin of Devassa with a group of friends. Asked if he would consider parade, he said no. "My business is watching," he said.

From the sounds of things, don't be expecting any photos of Anderson dancing at this event to be showing up on the "Internets"!

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Anonymous said...

Good for him! :) Is that Andy Cohen with him? I hope he and his friends had a good and relaxing time.

aries moon said...

AC loves Brazil--I guess Andy Cohen isn't very well known there. There are several pics online of AC with his fans in Brazil--I hope he has a nice non-work related vacation this time.

Juliana said...

Ohh I am from Rio and I didn't know you were here :(

My favorite news man! I hope you had a sweet time!