Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Anderson Cooper on HLN During State of The Union Coverage

When CNN went to full State of The Union coverage, Anderson moved to HLN and continued to cover the breaking news out of California.  Nancy Grace was his co-anchor for the 9PM and 10PM ET hours.  Miguel Marquez was reporting from the Big Bear, CA area.  At 11PM ET, HLN went back to their regularly scheduled programming and Anderson moved back to CNN.

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Anonymous said...

I find it extremely annoying to have Chris Cuomo have such a big presence in the coverage. Isn't he supposed to be the morning guy. I do not like him taking any of Anderson's air time. I watch CNN for the silver fox, not Chris Cuomo.

Anonymous said...

First of all I really enjoyed... okay, bad choice of words.. I was glued to the screen for hours. Great coverage by CNN as a whole.

I don't mind if Anderson has to share his screen time but I am not particularly thrilled about Chris after watching him a couple of times now. He reminds me of why I like Anderson's style so much. The contrast to most news ancors is really stark. I just don't like this kind of permanently emotive and opinionated style that Chris has as well.
I hope he's just on so often right now because he fills in for Piers and not that Zucker thinks he could become the new face of CNN. Because frankly, good luck with that then. XD Anderson is not only the face of CNN, he is easily one of the most recognizable faces of news worldwide.

Nevermind, I think Chris is a good speaker. I just don't care for his style. But then, I don't care for the style of most US news ancors either.

aries moon said...

Didn't care for Chris Cuomo--either he was trying too hard or he just needs to get used to moderating a political panel--he came off too abrasive and it really made me appreciate Anderson in that role. Unfortunately Anderson was stuck with the ridiculous Nancy Grace on HLN, she is a clown and not someone to be taken seriously. I hope they're not trying to gradually push AC out for Cuomo. Time will tell.