Monday, February 11, 2013

Anderson Live Monday, February 11, 2013

Jane Velez-Mitchell was back again as Anderson's guest co-host for the day.   Enjoy the 'First 15' ~

There was more after the break ~

GUEST/TOPIC SEGMENTS:  Anderson Live Investigation - Families Going to Extremes by Hiring Drug Dogs; Anderson's Oscar Pick - AIDS activist Peter Staley from "How To Survive A Plague"


'Anderson Live' Web exclusive with AIDS activist, Peter Staley ~

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Lisa said...

Hi. Is it possible to post the entire interview with Peter Staley from Monday show ?
Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Anderson's interview with Peter Staley was the only good part of the show. That segment was what I expected the talk show to be from the beginning.

It was so obvious the show was taped and not Live. The two big stories of the day, the Pope's resignation (first time in over 600 years) and the Grammy's were never mentioned. Instead we got old videos and silly products and Terence making inappropriate jokes/comments. How do they get away with putting Live in the name when it only tapes three days a week?

Since they are ending tapings in March, I really hope that's the end of it. I can't imagine two months of a stale "First 15"! Also, I thought the whole idea of moving studios was so they could be live every day. I would understand if they taped Friday shows on Thursday's like other talk shows, but to pre-tape Monday's show is just beyond stupid when you miss all the weekend news and by the time you are back to taping, it's old news. So much for adding a news element to the show. I guess when the show wasn't renewed, we were supposed to forget about all the reasons for the change of studio and the revamping of the show?

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The only good part of the show was the interview with Peter Staley. That should have gone one longer. The rest of the show was crap including the lame meatball joke Terence made and that lady who gave him the tanning gift certificate. Somehow I think that gift certificate will not get used or be given to someone else. Terence needs to stay in his area behind the computer and be quiet.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:06 PM - excellent post. I've wondered the same things. With the news of Anderson in Sweden recently, I thought the same thing with the daytime shows.

I also remember the changes last September when Anderson promoted the "Live" element and how "topical" the show would be.

Will 'Anderson Live' continue with that title after March until their end? Two months of carefully structured 'First 15' to avoid anything too topical or specific to "date" the show. And also the impossibility of discussing big news. Very generic "anytime" topics only. Like Anon 7:06 already pointed out, on Monday's 'Anderson Taped', there was no mention of Pope Benedict or the massive snowstorm.

No matter how many weeks the show is taped I can imagine situations like a taped interview with, I don't know, lets just say actress Ann. And a week before the 'Anderson" interview with Ann is broadcast, Ann reveals some amazing news - either incredibly good news or horrifying bad news - which is of course never mentioned during her 'Anderson Live' interview.

Going for too long with taped shows will not work.

I've watched today's clips. Some parts were cute like the meatballs and gym stories. Liked the Fake TV ad and totally get Jane's tactic of talking in different voices to make possible criminals believe she's not home alone. Anderson has lived in New York City all his life and has never heard of this?


Anonymous said...

I actually liked the First 15. I'm in it for the fun banter and not so big on the occasional news snippets. Especially the gym stories were funny.
Terence's balls joke.. not so much. I love Anderson's kinky humor but when he does it it's usually witty and subtile enough. Terence just doesn't seem to have a sense of what is funny and what is just akward and creepy.