Friday, March 15, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 3/15/2013

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Mississippi Road Murder?:  Anderson Cooper and Drew Griffin report

REPUBLICAN SAME-SEX MARRIAGE STUNNER, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman now supports same-sex marriage:  Report by Anderson Cooper and discussion with Dana Bash; additional follow up with Sen. John McCain on the topic and also the on-going conflict in Syria

STEUBENVILLE, OHIO RAPE TRIAL, 2 high school football players accused of raping 16-year-old girl:  Report by Poppy Harlow and follow up discussion with Anderson

JODI ARIAS' STRANGE BEHAVIOR, New video shows her doing handstands, talking to herself:  Anderson and Jean Casarez discuss

JUDGE'S DECISION EXPECTED OVER WITNESS IN ARIAS TRIAL, Defense says murder was passionate, not premeditated:  Anderson, Jeffrey Toobin and Mark Geragos discuss




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Matt Lauer And Anderson Cooper: Jeopardy! Hosts?
By Alex Weprin on March 15, 2013 10:40 AM

The New York Post‘s Michael Shain has a doozy of a report this morning: Sony Pictures Television is quietly putting out feelers for potential replacements for Alex Trebek at “Jeopardy!,” and Matt Lauer and Anderson Cooper are two names on the list.   Please click on link for the full article.

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Anonymous said...

Slow-news-itis is still strngling CNN. Now that the Pope election is old news there's not a lot out there. The first story about the Mississippi hit-and-run being a hate crime was an update of a story from several months ago. I quite honestly didn't hear what was new because when Drew Griffin focused on the county sheriff, I though about Sheriff Taylor.

Sheriff Taylor was Andy's character in the old 'The Andy Griffith Show' and for half of 360's first segment I talked to my DH about black people in Mayberry. I didn't remember any but DH did an internet search and found that there were black people in Mayberry who showed up on camera once in a while.

Which led to a discussion about 'WKRP in Cincinnati' and its Who Concert Stampede episode and wouldn't it have been awesome for 'The Andy Griffith Show' to have a Lunch Counter Sit In episode.

Anyhoo, back to 360. The segment on Senator Portman, his son and gay marriage started out really well. Anderson had a terrific discussion with Dana Bash but then it went all downhill when Sen. McCain showed up. When Anderson asked if he would change his mind if his son came out,I believed McCain when he said "I don't think so." When Anderson changed the subject to Syria, I changed the channel. We all know McCain's stand on Syria. I would have preferred if Anderson asked McCain about the failure of four anti-gay marriage measures last November and the generation gap when it comes to accepting gay marriage.

The Steubenville rape trial segment was interesting and I hope the two boys are found guilty. A drunk woman does not make a normal man a rapist any more than an unlociked car makes him a car thief.

The best segment again was about Jodi Arias. The newly exposed tape of Arias in the police station babbling to herself and doing a headstand didn't seem all that strange. It was a stressful situation because
- either she was innocent and stressed about being falsely accused, or
- she was guilty and stressed about being caught.
Geragos said Arias "looks like a 14 carat nut" but if I was in the same situation I probably would have bit off every fingernail.

It was 'let's string together a few clips and advertise the daytime show at the same time' kind of Ridiculist. Although Anderson's reaction to the Yeti was amusing for two seconds, overall it felt cheap and slap-dashed together.

Anderson as host of 'Jeopardy'? I'm guessing he would be flattered but say no thanks.


aries moon said...

Juding by his too frequent appearances on 360, apparently Anderson doesn't share the view of many (myself included) who don't see John McCain as a hero but instead a resentful, angry, bitter, close-minded man with questionable judgement and an obvious and never ending ax to grind against President Obama. Considering that McCain voted for a phony war that killed thousands, still defends choosing Palin for VP, voted "no" on the Veteran's Jobs Bill and doesn't think gays are entitled to the same marriage rights that he has, I'm not sure why Anderson continues to hold him in such high regard.

Anonymous said...

Anderson will never challenge McCain on anything whether it's Syria or same sex marriage, he's not going to antagonize him or ask him tough questions because apparently he's a friend of the show and they want him to make regular Obama-bashing appearances so they have to stay on his good side. AC made sure to ask a question about Obama's leadership giving McCain another opportunity to rail against the president. No Democrat seem to have a standing invite to discuss one on one with AC the problems of the GOP but McCain is given plenty of 360 airtime to criticize the president. How is that balanced journalism?

Anonymous said...

I agree that McCain is a resentful, old man who takes delight in bashing the now twice elected President Obama and am puzzled as to why anyone who is so
pro-gay rights as AC, would see John McCain as a hero.
Either we're missing a piece of this puzzle, or John McCain's invites on 360, are wearing viewer thin, right now.
And anyone who wants a smart articulate, diatribe on Senator McCain, HAS to make it a point to listen very intently to Bill Maher's last NEW RULE, on CNN's sister network HBO, this past Friday.
And Rachel Maddow was Bill's guest for the upteenth time....seems as though she admires his wit, and he admires her smarts.