Saturday, March 23, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 3/22/2013

BREAKING NEWS, EVIDENCE LINKS PAROLEE TO COLORADO MURDER, Evan Ebel is prime suspect in murder of state prison chief:  Anderson Cooper and Casey Wian reporting; Cooper talks to Gerard Petillo, independent forensics firearm examiner and Vicky Bankey, former neighbor of  Evan Ebel by phone and also interviews TJ Leyden, Former skinhead about Ebel's ties to white supremacist 211 prison gang.

BATTLE DOWN ON THE FARM, AR-15 rifles effective in stopping ruinous wild hogs:  Report by Victor Blackwell (taped earlier in the week)

KEEPING THEM HONEST,  Rangel's Exaggeration:  Short report by Anderson Cooper

OBAMA'S ISRAEL DEBUT, What sort of reception did he get?:  Anderson and John King discuss

TEEN CALLS 911, HIDES IN CLOSET FROM INTRUDERS, "I could see and hear them":  Anderson interview with Doyin Oladipupo and her mother, Adebisi Jinadu

EXCLUSIVE, INSIDE BIGGEST ART HEIST EVER, Security guard working that night talks to 360:  Report by Randi Kaye


THE RIDICULIST: Nancy's missing handcuffs: The Sequel


A couple of photos of Anderson posted to fan's Instagram accounts ~

And this video surfaced today of Anderson, Benjamin, Kelly and Mark at the Madonna concert last fall ~

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Anonymous said...

One of the ways I judge the quality of a 360 show is by counting how many times I channelsurf during the broadcast. Friday night had too many channelsurfing moments.

I'm still not interested in the Colorado/Texas dead suspect story. I saw Anderson's preview the President in the Mideast report. I was disappointed the next report was about farmers using AR15 rifles to shoot livestock predators. Very disappointed.

The segment on Obama in israel and Jordan and Anderson talking to John King was quite good. It's baffling why this was the third story and not the first.

Any of the stories in the Bulletin coulda/shoulda been complete reports: Marine murder and suicide at Quantico, baby murder in Atlanta or the many airport towers closing due to budget cuts. Any one of these would have been a more newsworthy segment instead of farmers with AR15 rifles.

So I was already pissed off when I saw the commercial for 'The Justin Timberlake Experience'. WTF? An hour to promote Timberlake? The only semi-logical explanation I can muster is that this is an attempt to get younger viewers. But what a waste of airtime.

The segment on the teenage girl hiding from burglars and calling 911 was okay.

I saw the beginning of the museum art theft report; then I channelsurfed. Anderson said it happened 23 years ago this month. Is that the reason for all the attention? It's the art theft's 23rd anniversary? It's the 10th Anniversary of the Iraq War, how about a big production about that?

More channelsurfed during most of the Ridiculist. It looked like it was going to be mostly a repeat of yesterdays.

Despite all my grumbling I still love Anderson. I just want 360 to be worth watching.


Anonymous said...

I found the segment about the Colorado murder (or serial killing) quite interesting but my favourite was the bit about the farmer and AR15. Personally I think an assault weapons ban in the USA would make sense of everyone had to give them back and in combination with universal background checks, confiscation on case of criminal conduct and so forth, BUT... I appreciate being shown a different perspective on the topic.

In my country some big cities have a major wild hog problem and the police does practically what that wild hog, lets call him exterminator does. And as far as I know hunters are allowed to use RA15s. It's just that as far as I know they can't be kept at home, are not allowed in public and when transported can't be ready to shoot. High capacity magazines are banned as well.

So even though the AR15s are there, they are not really much for a problem when well regulated and without high capacity magazines. I really like that they try to look at the topic from all angles. The most important and effective changes would surely be to apply all the laws other western countries apply universally and with zero tolerance. Not going to happen though. Oh well.

I'm not that interested in the Israel trip but I'm aware it is important.

Would have liked to see more on the baby murder but then, maybe not? I read an article about it yesterday and I can't even imagine. :(

I love the art theft segments but that is personal interest because of my job.

And for some reason I find the Ridiculist handcuff theft series pretty hilarious. I don't want to see Nancy in serious panels but this is fun.

@Jaanza: You make me glad that we only get to see previews, human rights appeals and the like during commerical breaks on CNN International. I had to watch the US version online some time ago because International showed breaking news and the commercials are so annoying.

Anonymous said...

That video of Anderson and Ben is so cute, thank you for posting. It's nice to see the friendship of Andy and Kelly and the genuine affection Ben shows for him too.

aries moon said...

Finally 360 does a report on President Obama in the Mideast and John King did a good job of hitting all of the significant moments and their meaning. Kind of odd that they waited until the end of the week to do it--AC mentioned something a few days ago about how 360 was "blasted" by the administration for its highly critical Benghazi reporting, so there might be some bad blood or some reason why they don't do much reporting on the President.

One of the things that caught my attention about the AR-15 rifle report was that the man said that it wasn't really necessary for him to use that type of rifle to kill the hogs, it was his choice because it was easier to do it that way--he actually seemed like a true responsible gun owner, but there are too many others with access to a gun like that who may not be.

I liked the 911 report and AC's interview with the girl and her mother.

Loved the video of AC/Ben/Kelly/Mark--I saw pics of them attending the show but seeing the video is certainly better.

Anonymous said...

As a pro-gun control activist, there is no reason to use an AR-15 rifle to kill any animal, predators or nonpredators.
It is cruel and that farmer should be reported to PETA.
All magazine type weapontry should not be used for hunting, breeding or livestock, of any kind.
Hunters do not need AR-15 rifles to kill innocent deer, or hogs which in fact are pigs. How fast can a pig run to defend itself?
This is pure cruelty at its worst and even more cruel to know that 360 reported on it and nothing will be done after exposing this animalistic torture.
How uncivilized have we become?

Anonymous said...

@Anon: what kind of weapon would you suggest they should use to kill the pigs with then? I'm asking out of pure interest, would other calibres be less cruel? Because sadly not killing them is not an option where they have become a plague. Wild hogs tend to produce several times more offspring than they would naturally if they move to areas where they have food available all the time. Like farms and cities.