Friday, March 29, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 3/29/2013

AC360 aired an "Anderson Cooper Special Report:  Murder Abroad, The Amanda Knox Story"  that was advertised for the 10PM ET Hour, in the 8PM ET Hour as well.  Here's Anderson's introduction to the  Drew Griffin investigative report ~


Wendy Williams talked about Anderson replacing Matt Lauer on her show again Thursday ~

And Wednesday night, on Piers Morgan Live, a panel and Piers discussed 'Morning Show Wars' and 'Cooper and NBC Rumors' was part of that segment ~

Here's a post from Brian Stelter's "Top Of The Morning" Blog, dated March 28th.  The panel referred to Brian's book by the same name, in the above segment and in this post, he weighed in on Anderson replacing Matt Lauer ~


As word spread on Wednesday about NBC’s call to him, Anderson Cooper told his CNN staff that he wasn’t interested in co-hosting the “Today” show. He said he loved being at CNN and planned to stay there. (His contract is up in the fall.) But he has to say that, right?

At the end of my story about the succession planning in Thursday’s New York Times, I note that Cooper likes having a daily TV presence, like the one CNN provides him in prime time.

‘Today’ would provide the same thing, and a much bigger audience. But Mr. Cooper may be leery of appearing to force out Mr. Lauer. In other words: a lot of this may be about optics. About not being the bad guy. If what TMZ said is true — that “Lauer is actually on board with the idea of Anderson replacing him,” and that he “planned to have a meeting with Anderson to sit down and discuss it” — then this succession plan might actually materialize.

But when? Lauer’s contract isn’t up until the end of 2014 at the earliest. The story in today’s paper notes this:

Mr. Lauer still has millions of fans… But that has not stopped high-ranking NBC executives from wondering aloud whether they should make a change at ‘Today’ before Mr. Lauer’s contract expires. Might he ask to leave? Joe Hagan said this at the end of his New York magazine cover story this week: “There is indeed informed speculation inside NBC that Lauer could leave within the year.”

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Jaanza said...

I tuned in at 8 (7 CST actually) and was pissed they had the Amanda Knox special instead of a news hour. Let's have a cyber show of hands - who actually watched either hour?

All the speculation about Anderson and the Today Show is fascinating. Thanks for the clips. Personally I don't want Anderson to do the Today Show because it's more convenient for me to watch him in the evening. It won't be a good fit in the long run. The Today Show can cover hard serious news but it's not their core. I believe Anderson would get bored with it quickly, And, speaking for myself, I'd get really irritated with the tourists on the other side of the window.

One good thing about all of this is the good leverage for Anderson when negotiating a new contract with CNN.