Friday, March 08, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday 3/8/2013

BREAKING NEWS, DELTA CEO OPPOSES NEW TSA POLICY ON KNIVES, Shares "legitimate concerns" with flight attendants:  Report by Anderson Cooper and follow up with Veda Shook, Association of Flight Attendants (by phone) and John Miller (in the NYC studio)

OSAMA BIN LADEN'S SON-IN-LAW DENIES TERROR CHARGES, Pleaded not guilty in federal court in NYC just blocks from Ground Zero:  Anderson Cooper discusses with John Miller and Peter Bergen

PICKING THE NEXT POPE:  Report by Anderson Cooper
CHOOSING A NEW POPE, Papal conclave starts Tuesday:  Anderson's discussion with John Allen, CNN Sr. Vatican Analyst & David Clohessy, Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests (SNAP)

SEX, LIES & AUDIOTAPE, Jurors ask murder defendant Arias 200+ questions:  Report by Randi Kaye
COUPLE SAYS ARIAS RAISED RED FLAGS, "There was no soul behind those eyes":  Anderson's interview with Jacob & Hollie Mefford, Friends of Travis Alexander
ARIAS FIGHTS FOR LIFE, Defendant has spent 17 days on stand:  Anderson's follow up discussion with Jeff Toobin and Mark Geragos

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Ungodly Discipline, Arguments raging about regulation of a controversial school:  Report by Gary Tuchman and follow-up with Anderson



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Anonymous said...

There were two parts of Friday's show I really liked:

- Delta CEO opposes penknives on airplanes. This was a good report and then a good discussion with John Miller. I'm still undecided. No knives period is a sensible plan but I also want the TSA security check to go faster.

- Arias trial. Love it or hate it, it's high drama and a slow news week. The two friends, the Meffords, were interesting; of course they had nothing nice to say about Arias. It made me wonder if 360 looked for someone who would take Arias' side like we saw tons of pro-OJ friends and family in the media during his 1995 trial.
And the panel was back to just Toobin and Geragos; it works better that way. The best part for me was the debate on jurors' questions. I also liked Geragos complaining about the kind of questions they were and calling the Q and A "Jerry Springer-eaque".

I found the other news segments rather dull.

Zain Asher did the Bulletin. She's just as pretty as Isha but Isha has a better voice.

In the middle of 360 was a commercial "I'm Wolf Blitzer and this in CNN" and later Anderson doing one. Zucker-inspired promos, perhaps? Okay but you don't need the one of Anderson in Anderson's own show; 360 viewers already know who Anderson is and are already watching.


Anonymous said...

Flight attendants have legitimate concerns if the TSA approved of small knives being carried as concealed weapons.
Yes, the box cutters used during 9/11 posed a wider threat, but a weapon is a weapon and someone will turn that small edged knife into something far more dangerous and this is an accident waiting to happen.
We've flown safely since 9/11 because we've not let our guard down, but now we beginning to look the other way, needlessly.
This was reported on 360.

aries moon said...

Glad to see the first three reports be a bit more on the real news side of things and that the Arias trial was pushed back a little further into the show.

Allowing knives on airplanes is just a boneheaded idea that the airlines will come to regret.

Peter Bergen hasn't been on 360 in ages and it was great to hear from him again--good insight from him and Miller on the advantages of trying terrorists in federal court as opposed to Guantanamo.

Although I don't care for all of the coverage of the Arias trial, the interview with Travis Alexander's friends was actually interesting--they know her scary history and certainly weren't buying her act.

I've never seen Zain Asher before, but she was ok, no Isha, but competent enough.

Loved the Ridiculist.

Anonymous said...

'allowing knives on airplanes is just a boneheaded idea that airlines will come to regret.'
Unfortunately, it will not be the airlines that will come to regret this stupid decision by the TSA, but the innocent passengers who are on the flights and who cannot voice their opposition.
This reminds me very much of the gun/weapontry divisiveness in this country.
If you carry a gun, no matter the size, you "aim" to use it.
If you carry a knife, you are going to cut something or someone.
There is no need for either of these things on an airplane, or a restaurant or the theater or at a mall, unless your intent is to inflict harm.
What other stupid ideas can the TSA come up with?
I background checks. Sound familiar?