Monday, March 11, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from Rome, Monday 3/11/13

ELECTING A POPE, MAKING HISTORY: Anderson Cooper's opening on tonight's program from Rome:

ANYONE'S GUESS AT THE VATICAN: Anderson discusses the papal process with John Allen, CNN Vatican analyst and Father Edward Beck, CNN contributor

INSIDE THE SISTINE CHAPEL: Tom Foreman provides a virtual tour

WHO WILL BE THE NEXT POPE: Anderson and Chris Cuomo discuss the selection of the next Pope

SUPERSIZE SODA BAN FIZZLES: Anderson Cooper discusses the news with Jeffrey Toobin and
Michael Moynihan, Newsweek & The Daily Beast

FACEBOOK EXECUTIVE'S BOOK TOUCHES NERVE: Anderson's prerecorded discussion with Patti Sellers of Fortune Magazine and Norah O'Donnell, 60 Minutes correspondent


DRESSING THE POPE: Dan Rivers reporting


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Anonymous said...

It was fantastic to see Rome in general and Anderson in Rome in particular. But I couldn't get into the 'electing a new Pope' story; I'm such a bad Catholic. One of the subtitles in the segment was "No clear frontrunner..." So the papal voting process could take a while, maybe even a couple weeks. Will Anderson stay in Rome the entire time?

I liked seeing Tom Foreman in the "virtual" Sistine Chapel, wish he had spent time talking about the art and the history instead of the process of how cardinals elect a Pope. We've been hearing about the process for almost a week now.

The best part of 360 was the segment on the NY judge striking down Bloomburg's ban on large sugury sodas. Toobin and Moynihan had a great panel on this. Toobin siding with Bloomburg and Moynihan saying too many loopholes for the ban to be effective.

The panel on Sandburg's book about women in the workplace was okay but nothing spectacular.

Drew Griffin brought us up-to-date on what's been going on with Oscar Pistorius while we were all distracted by Jodi Arias.

Isha was back! After she stated North Korea was suspending the 1953 armistice, I loved her tone of voice when she added, "North Korea has suspended the agreement several times in the past." As if saying 'nothing to see here, folks, move along'.

The end piece about the Pope's clothes was boring. There are some people in the world who are infinitely fascinated by papal aitire but I'm not one of them. I'd rather see three minutes of Anderson eating gelato.

Gelato for everyone! Anderson, Chris Cuomo, the two papal experts, Anderson's assistant, the sound tech guy, everybody except one cameraman (who will get his gelato a little later) all on camera enjoying gelato.

They wouldn't have to say anything except tell us the flavor of their gelato. I'm guessing Anderson would go for a nice flor di latte.


aries moon said...

Nice seeing AC360 in Rome, but there's so much controversy with the Catholic church, it's hard to really care about what's happening--it must be challenging for AC and other gay reporters to cover this story considering how hostile the Catholic church is to the LGBT community (I do realize they aren't the only religious organization that is). I do have an interest in the election of a Pope, but that's mainly due to a movie, "Angels and Demons".

Nora O'Donnell and Patti Sellers' reaction to the Facebook executive's book made for a good interview.