Monday, March 18, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 3/18/13

STEUBENVILLE RAPE VICTIM'S MOTHER SPEAKS OUT: Anderson Cooper and Poppy Harlow reporting
Follow up with Jeffrey Toobin and Areva Martin

POLITICAL MAKEOVER: Anderson Cooper reporting
REPUBLICANS RELEASE 'AUTOSPY' REPORT: Discussion with Margaret Hoover, Gayle Trotter and Charles Blow

OUTRAGE OVER MISSISSIPPI HIT-AND-RUN CASES: Anderson speaks with Ruby Burdette Ellis and Fred Butts

Follow up with Mark Geragos, David Swanson and Jeffrey Toobin 


AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

I was a little surprised 360 had the Steubenville segment before the CPAC segment. I was also surprised Poppy Harlow was still reporting on this story after criticism from many about her yesterday. I did not see it but Harlow was sympathetic towards the two boys/criminals/rapists saying "they had such promising futures" and were star athletes and good students. Today Harlow was a little bit more concerned with the victim or perhaps it only seemed that way because she was reporting on the victim's mother's statement. Gary Tuchman's report was better and I'm glad he included the rapists' comments to the court. That first one, Mays, sounded like he was more sorry he was caught "pictures should not have been taken..." Because that's why you got arrested?

Toobin and Martin had a great talk about the Steubenville case. Regarding the two teenage girls arrested for death threats on Twitter, I loved it when Martin said "It's just plain stupid along with being criminal conduct." They both made excellent points about different elements of this story.

I loved the poll Anderson showed - 54% have an unfavorable view of Republicans. CNN may have kicked off Erick Erickson but now there's Gayle Trotter. An honest LOL moment when Trotter said "the future of the Republican party is bright and exciting." Was Erickson ever that delusional? Anderson asked her "Where do you see brightness?" and she gave some nonsense answer. He should have also asked her point-blank about the poll and some GOPers calling their own party "scary". I also loved it when Charles Blow, when interrupted by both Trotter and Hoover, told them "I let you talk, let me finish."

In the panel on the Arias trial, the new guy Swanson had a good comment or two and he worked out better than Nancy Grace. However I think this still works best with just Geragos and Toobin.

Belated congratulations to Anderson for the GLAAD award.


aries moon said...

CNN's Steubenville coverage is a public relations disaster for them. Zucker must be fuming.

If Gayle Trotter becomes a regular on 360, it looks like she might be another Dana Loesch, annoying, non-factual and belligerant--Margaret Hoover is easier to take and comes off a bit more reasonable than many conservative commentators. Anderson surprised me when he interrupted to ask Trotter how exactly the GOP's future is so bright? Charles Blow has been a great addition to 360's political discussions--he doesn't suffer conservative fools gladly.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the whole show and it went by pretty fast.

The Steubenville segment was like you would expect it from AC360 but like Jaanza I was surprised Poppy got to contribute after her pretty unfortunate words about the case on Sunday. Maybe (hopefully) they talked about that and she was just carried away by the crying of the rapists and in the moment felt sorry for them. And apology would have been good but I feel that this is not AC360's responsibility. The topic of bullying and death threats via twitter and other social media is very intersting and it was good to see it had consequences.

The GOP segement was kind of hilarious but I can look at it from an outsider persective while Americans who actually have to deal with those politicians might not find it so amusing anymore. ;) Charles Blow was great.

The road murder(s) case remains disturbing but it also shows how journalism can make a difference. Even though the police should have investigated right away and not just start under pressure from CNN. Nasty.

The topic of amnesia in the Arias case was again quite interesting.

And the quick exchange between Anderson and Isha about the GLAAD award was adorable. Any chance of getting to see a clip of that scene? :)