Friday, March 01, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday 2/28/13

8:00 HOUR: 
KILLER TESTIMONY: Anderson Cooper reporting
Follow up discussion with Jeffrey Toobin and Mark Geragos

AC360 RAW POLITICS, LAWMAN VS. LAWMAKER: Anderson Cooper reporting
Interview with Chief Edward Flynn, Milwaukee Police Department

FINAL FAREWELL: Anderson Cooper reporting
INSIDE BENEDICT'S NEW HOME: Ben Wedeman reporting

CONGRESS, WHAT COUNTDOWN? Panelist David Gergan, Margaret Hoover and Charles Blow

THE BULLY EFFECT PREVIEW: Follow up interview with Lee Hirsch, Kelly Ripa and Stuart Snyder


10:00 HOUR:



Tomorrow's night AC360:

Anderson on Dr. Drew's HLN show this evening:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

I thought it was odd to start 360 with the Arias murder trial. Is CNN getting feedback that Arias is the new OJ Simpson? Back in 1995, EVERYBODY was talking about the OJ Simpson trial but currently I'm not getting the idea that Arias is anywhere as big.

Some ATA comments have called the coverage "tabloid". Arias would not be getting so much attention (though still not close to close to OJ Simpson level ... yet) if it wasn't for all the sexual details involved. The Arias trial is salacious and I suppose you can call the coverage "tabloid" if that's the only reason for the media attention.

Anderson's interview with Captain Flynn was very good; good questions and even better answers.
The news story about Pope Benedict's future location wasn't much of a news stroy but, Heavens to Murgatroyed! Castel Gandolfo is gorgeous.
At the end of the Bulletin I enjoyed Anderson's snarky remark about Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea.

I couldn't really get into the budget cuts and politics panel but struggled to pay attention because I wanted to see if Bob Woodward's hissy fit toward the White House staffer would be mentioned and what they would say about it. Unfortanately the kitchen smoke alarm went off so I wasn't able to see all of the segment.

Thanks, ATA, for the clip of Anderson on Dr. Drew's show. It was a good discussion and I enjoyed watching it.

BTW, everythng was fine in the kitchen except for a few scorched meatballs.


aries moon said...

The Bully Effect special was sad, and inspiring--to watch Alex, the young man who was bullied on the schoolbus, go from being completely broken and despondent to a happy, enthusiastic and more comfortable person was really moving. I had the feeling that the principle at Alex's school may have been a bully herself at one point--she certainly didn't show much empathy for the targets of the bullies. Bullying is sometimes taken far too lightly by authority figures--that needs to end.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the whole show yesterday and it was such a pleasant contrast to the Nancy Grace desaster the day before. I hope they don't have her on again tonight.

The highlight for me was definitely the interview with Chief Flynn. Very compelling, good questions and very eloquent good answers from the chief. This guy is great! When Anderson said they would love to have him back on I think that came from the heart, haha. I hope they manage to keep him exclusively for AC360 and not have Piers snatch him away. What a treat compared to the horror of Nancy.. XD

Thank you for the clip from Dr. Drew. :)

I wasn't able to watch The Bully Effect because it was on so late but hopefully I'll manage to see it somewhere sometimes soon.

aries moon said...

Yes, I forgot to add how much I loved the interview with Chief Flynn--he was smart, tough, no nonsense and really got to the heart of what advocates for more gun control want--his confrontation with Lindsay Graham was brilliant. I really do hope AC has him back on again soon. Probably one of the best interviews 360 has ever aired.

Anonymous said...

Aries, I've watched a couple of videos featuring Flynn on YT and wow, the guy is a rethorical genius. Absolutely flawless. Looked up his credits and that explains a lot. He's quite the intellectual. I really hope they will bring him back more often and I would love to see Anderson doing a follow up on some of the senators leaving before the Newtown people spoke. I promised on twitter that he would look into it.

Anonymous said...

HE promised on twitter. XD