Thursday, March 14, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 3/14/2013

Anderson Cooper was back in the NYC studio anchoring AC360 tonight.  Here's the rundown:

BREAKING NEWS, FBI GAINS ACCESS TO LIBYA ATTACK SUSPECT, Faraj al-Shibli only known suspect held:  Anderson and Fran Townsend discuss

KEEPING THEM HONEST, GAMBLING SCAM TAKEDOWN:  Anderson and Drew Griffin reporting on another case of charity fraud

FIRST FULL DAY AS POPE, World watches as Francis shows humble style:  Report by Anderson Cooper and follow up discussion with Rev. Thomas Rosica (Vatican spokesman) and John Allen

ARIAS TRIAL, PLANNED MURDER OR SELF DEFENSE?, Jodi Arias on stand for 18 days:  Randi Kaye reporting and Anderson's follow up with Jeff Toobin and Mark Geragos

SKYDIVER SURVIVES FREEFALL, Stapleton, "I thought that this I was going to die:  Anderson's interview with Craig Stapleton who survived the skydiving fall and Katie Hansen a fellow skydiver with Stapleton during fall



A few more photos of Anderson in Rome ~

AC360 Transcript
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