Friday, March 22, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 3/21/2013

BREAKING NEWS, TEXAS SHOOTOUT MAY BE LINKED TO COLO. MURDER, Cadillac driver killed in gunfight with Wise County, Texas sheriff's deputies:  Anderson Cooper and Ed Lavandera reporting

WRONGLY CONVICTED MAN RELEASED FROM PRISON AFTER 23 YEARS, Innocent of rabbi's murder after witnesses recant testimony:  Report by Mary Snow and follow up with Anderson
*Key witness who recants testimony talks to 360:  Anderson's interview with Menachem Lieberman
*David Rant's attorney blames detectives for miscarriage of justice:  Anderson's  follow up interview with Pierre Sussman, David Ranta's Attorney

FIGHTING FOR GUN CONTROL:  Report by Anderson Cooper
NEWTOWN MOM TO LAWMAKERS, "PUT YOURSELVES IN MY SHOES", Lynn McDonnell, "Think about the unthinkable" during gun control debate:  Anderson's interview with Lynn and Chris McDonnell

BACHMANN, OBAMACARE "LITERALLY KILLS" PEOPLE, Congresswoman offers no evidence to substantiate charges:  Anderson and Dana Bash discuss

BIGGEST ART HEIST IN HISTORY, 23 years ago, thieves made off with half a billion dollars in art:  Report by Randi Kaye and follow up with Anderson

HUNDREDS OF SICK SEA LION PUPS, Scientists are baffled, can't figure out cause:  Report by Kyung Lah and follow up with Anderson


THE RIDICULIST:  Missing Handcuffs

Anderson posted the following photo to his Instagram account today ~

Appeared on CBS This morning to promote his 60 Minutes story ~

And from

Anderson Cooper dives with Nile crocodiles
They're always dangerous and usually deadly. But as Anderson Cooper finds out, underwater, the man-eating Nile crocodile can look graceful, even beautiful. His story, in which he dives with these dangerous, despised reptiles and the scientists who study them, will be broadcast on 60 Minutes Sunday, March 24 at 7:00 p.m..

The Nile crocodile has been on Earth for millions of years -- it is one of nature's oldest living predators. It's the most deadly of all crocodile species, growing up to 20 feet long, and it's known to snatch people, wildlife and livestock from the water's edge. Dr. Adam Britton, an Australian zoologist, was shocked when he first learned that filmmakers Brad Bestelink and his wife, Andy Crawford, were diving with these predators. "When I first heard about this, my instant, immediate reaction was, "That sounds crazy,'" he tells Cooper.

"I describe crocodiles as Ferrari's, they're just extremely, finely-honed creatures...just perfectly adapted to do what they do...the smartest of all the reptiles," says Britton.

Britton has been studying crocodiles for more than 18 years. He is building a genetic database on the Nile crocodile to devise ways of protecting the animal. For years, the only way to study these creatures was to capture and subdue them long enough to take samples. But that's changed. These days he's diving with crocodiles too and does his research up-close, underwater.

Bestelink and Crawford can only dive with the crocodiles during the winter months, when the water is cold and the crocs are more subdued. But by observing them underwater, they've developed a unique appreciation for the predator. "They are dappled and gold and black and you see them as more timid I think," she says. "I never used to think they were beautiful, but this is a whole different view of them."

Cooper ventures with Bestelink and Crawford down into underwater caves where these crocodiles lurk. It's murky down there, and the first thing they're able to make out are a glowing row of white teeth.

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Anonymous said...

According to TVN, Anderson finally got even with Nancy Grace.
They hope he has an alibi...her fancy, heavy, silver chain link necklace, that was a one of a kind, has gone missing and AC complimented her on it, just recently. Hm and he's been under water...Hm
HLN is offering a reward and they already have, they think, a suspect.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 12:32, Instead of quoting TVN and reading about 360 why not watch it for a change? If you did you'd know Nancy Grace spoke with AC about the necklace for The Ridiculist. You are exactly the kind of fan that dumbs down ATA's comments. Go away.

aries moon said...

Story selection on 360 has been less "newsy" than it used to be. Maybe I missed something, but they didn't report on President Obama's trip to the Middle East and in fact, they rarely report on the President at all. With the exception of the gun control report, which was good and the Michelle Bachmann piece (she's such a loon) the reports seemed more like news magazine features.

Thanks for the CBS This Morning clip--AC really will have some impressive stories to tell his children if he ever has them.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get into a lot in Thursday's 360. The two crime stories at the start just weren't interesting to me - apologies to the families involved but it seemed like they were Grade B stories that didn't fit into the crime shows over at HLN because they are already so jam packed with the Arias trial.

During 360 there was a commercial for Anthony Bourdain's new CNN show 'Parts Unknown' to start on Sunday nights. Sundays are historically a slow news day and 'Parts Unknown' looks like an high-quality program. It also looks like it belongs on the Travel Channel.

My favorite segment was the one trying to make sense of the nonsense Rep. Bachmann spews. Anderson mentioned they invited Bachmann on 360 to explain herself and she declined. Don't take it personally, Anderson, she doesn't explain anything to the local media either.

I should have paid more attention to the segment about the robbery at the Isabelle Stewart Gardner Museum 23 years ago. I didn't catch why this is news now.

The report about the beached baby sea lions was so sad. I hope there's a follow-up in the weeks ahead stating most of them were brought back to health and released.

The Ridiculist was about Nancy Grace's lost necklace. I thought it was so corny. Note to Anderson or whoever puts the Ridiculist together: Please bring back goofy dogs.