Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 3/19/13

HIGH PROBABILITY SYRIA USED CHEMICAL WEAPONS: Anderson Cooper and Jessica Yellin reporting
Follow up discussion with Fran Townsend and Bob Baer

ROOMMATE OF UFC GUNMAN SPEAKS OUT: Anderson interviews BK Babakhani and Christie Jauch

MARCH WEATHER MADNESS: Alison Kosik reporting

KEEPING THEM HONEST: BACHMAN VS. THE TRUTH: Anderson Cooper and Dana Bash reporting




We've had a few requests for the Isha/Anderson banter from last night so we clipped it and added tonight's 'schedule' discussion for good measure:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

Except for McCain babbling last Friday night, it's been a long while since we've heard about Syria. The first report about possible chemical weapons was very good. I wondered why the big picture was of Air Force One taking off. The President is going to Israel but how newsworthy or informative is it to see a plane (even the President's plane) taxiing at the airport?

Alison Kosik, the reporter for the winter snowstorm segment, must be from the south. It was just dumb of her to say "...it looks more like December than March" while the subtitle clearly stated the storm was in New England and the Upper Midwest. Both of these areas know that snow can come as late as late April.

After the first Bulletin I liked the banter between Anderson and Isha concerning the proper pronunciation of "schedule". Isha, I love how you talk, don't ever Americanize your speech.

My favorite segment was the one about my least favorite local politician Rep. Bachmann (however she's from the 6th District, not my own 4th District). Again Anderson had to clarify that 360 is not conservative or liberal "we're about the facts". And he will call out politicians on either side who don't have their facts straight. I appreciated seeing clips of Bachmann saying something stupid and Anderson stating the facts. The piece of Dana Bash asking her about her dog-walker claim and Bachmann asnswering about Benghazi was especially good. Many Minnesotans wonder how Bachmann keeps getting re-elected but then again we know the 6th District isn't the smartest.

The Ridiculist was disappointingly predictable. Of course, on the subject of roaches on a bus there's going to be clips of Anderson (one older, one newer) dealing with roaches and of course there's going to be a clip from 'Snakes on a Plane'.

Overall it was a good 360. A vairety of stories, some well-deserved politican bashing, fun with Isha and no McCain.


Anonymous said...

The segment on the war in Syria was quite disconcerting. It looks like sooner or later this will turn into yet another full-blown war (as if it it wasn't already).

Could have done without the weather report and would have liked to so them mentioning that the assault weapons ban was dropped from the agenda but oh well, I guess that was to be expected. Until the next massacre then.

The would-be killer, brrrr.

I wonder if the AC360 crew did a little celebratory jiggle when Bachmann returned to the big political stage and sang "she's baaack!"? She has provided so much material for the 'Keeping them honest' segment in the last couple of years. And rightfully so. This woman is either very uneducated, naive and gullable or fundamentally dishonest and irresponsible. Not even Anderson can hide his disdain for her. And go, Dana!

Thank you for the clips of Isha's and Anderson's banter in advance! :) They are on a roll lately.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza: I believe the video of Air Force One is always a symbolic one, and it IS a big deal when the POTUS heads to Israel.
Syria, for those of us who are limited in geography, and I don't mean you, borders Israel on one side. Syria is a hot spot right now.
If Syria is using Chemical weapontry on its own citizens this could be very troublesome for Israel and yes, the US could find itself at war.
Hopefully our President can reach some accord with Syria, indirectly.
Israel is not the problem here. It is Syria.