Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 3/26/13

ARGUING MARRIAGE: Anderson Cooper reporting
LEGAL FIGHT OVER SAME SEX MARRIAGE: Jeffrey Toobin and Gloria Borger discuss
DO GAY RIGHTS EQUAL CIVIL RIGHTS? Anderson speaks with Julian Bond

CRIME & PUNISHMENT: ITALIAN COURT ORDERS RETRIAL FOR AMANDA KNOX: Anderson speaks with Barbie Latza Nadeau, Ben Wedeman
ENOUGH EVIDENCE? Drew Griffin reporting
AMANDA KNOX ACQUITTAL THROWN OUT: Anderson interviews Knox lawyer Theodore Simon

GADGETS CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF AND LANDING? Miles O'Brien (so great to see him back on CNN) speaks with AC




DEADLINE: HOLLYWOOD is speculating that Anderson and Kathy Griffin may be making their NYE special into a regular thing.  They write:
'.....the duo filmed a pilot today at the CNN studios in the Time Warner Center in New York. Details about the hourlong project are sketchy, but I’ve learned that it had a lot of humor in it and filmed in front of a live audience — which I hear included new CNN topper Jeff Zucker.'
DEADLINE: HOLLYWOOD also gossiped that AC was approached for Matt Lauer's Today Show job.  While we've heard the two had lunch together late last year we always thought it so Cooper could question Lauer about his old boss Jeff Zucker.
And while we're on the topic of Matt Lauer, Wendy Williams mentioned today on her talk show that NBC wasn't going to renew his contract, which expires later this year.  Ms. Williams speculated that Lauer would possibly end up working with his old friend and co-host Katie Couric at ABC.
We here at ATA always thought that if Anderson was to jump ship it would be to CBS because of his ties to 60 Minutes.  Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Anderson will be making a speaking appearance at Smith College next month.  Here's a bit of the press release:
NORTHAMPTON, Mass.—CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper, whose newscast “Anderson Cooper 360°” is devoted to reporting in-depth stories from multiple points of view, will speak at Smith College Sunday, April 14, at 8 p.m. at John M. Greene Hall. Tickets are required and must be purchased prior to the event. 
For ticket information follow the link.

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aries moon said...

The same sex marriage segments were good with analysis by Toobin and Borger--I agreed with AC when he asked why SCOTUS couldn't just make a sweeping decision that stated that not allowing gays to marry was unconstitutional and not leave it up to the states at all--that's what they should do, IMO.

Too much Amanda Knox and Drew Griffin for my taste. The airplane gadget report was good, I was really surprised when AC360 tweeted that Miles O'Brien would be on--it was good to see him again.

There's been a lot of negative reaction to the idea of a CNN show with AC and Kathy G. I would've at least like to have known what they had in mind for it, but it might be D.O.A. because of the overwhelmingly bad comments about them together--I'm not sure where the majority of those comments are coming from, but that might be interesting to know as well. I noticed the AC Today show rumor came out soon after the news about the other possible show--maybe AC's people wanted to bury the Kathy Griffin thing? I don't know what AC's future is with CNN, but he would probably do well as Matt Lauer's replacement on Today.

Anonymous said...

The segment on same-sex marriage was again great and the discussion was very interesting. Loved the interview with Julian Bond, too. I agree with Aries, a sweeping decision would be only just and appropriate, but it probably is not going to happen. Even though most countries that legalized civil union or gay marriage in the past did this and if some people were unhappy with the decision the government/courts were just like: whatever. :D

Not particularly interested in the Knox case but the coverage was still good and interesting.

So many rumours about possible jobs for Anderson. I think Jeopardy would be perfect from him because they tape the show in batches every two weeks or so so it wouldn't be a problem for him to stay in NY and at CNN.

I also think he would do well as Matt Lauer's replacement, but I would rather not see him do a fulltime lightweight show. The good thing is that the show is situated in NY but for some reason I think Anderson leaving serious news alltogether sounds like a receipe for unhappiness for him. I can't really imagine him being happy with that on the long run, even with 60 Minutes on the side.

Both Jeopardy and the The Today Show are tv legends, though, so it is nice to see that Anderson seems to have such great options.

Not sure what to make of the rumour about the alleged show with Kathy. I noticed that this mysteriously came up in the week that Kathy is on Anderson Live. I wouldn't be surprised if the person that started the rumour mixed something up there. I mean one hour, live audience, Time Warner? Sounds suspicious.
I honestly can't really see CNN considering a regular show with Kathy. I remember when Anderson was on Kathy's show and I pretty much laughed non-stop but how is this supposed to work on CNN? It would be a bleep-fest.

Anonymous said...

As to all of the rumors:

1) I think Anderson's credibility would be done if he did this talk show with Griffin. Seriously, he just finished shooting his talk show which was a complete failure. Why in the world would he want to go back down that same failed path again? Is he thinking straight or is he just that desperate to stay on TV?

2) The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Anderson has no interest what so ever in taking Lauer's job at the Today Show. So that is off the table all together.

It seems that Anderson's intent is to stay at CNN but do other side jobs still. I'd be OK with that if these side jobs were credible and not celebrity crap. He needs to check himself and see what he truly wants to be known as. He can not be a real credible journalist and do this ridiculous talk show crap too. One will always take more of his time and the other will suffer. As was the case with 360 and his lame failed talk show.

Who is Anderson these days? He needs to figure that out!!

Anonymous said...

It seems the "show" that Anderson and Kathy taped yesterday was in fact for CNN. Right now, as I type, they are shooting the Anderson Live show with her as co-host. Several people who are there in the tweet seats have tweeted about it just now. So that pilot rumor was indeed the truth I guess.

The ATA Team said...

We have the video of Kathy Griffin confirming the taping on our sister blog, All Things CNN.

Anonymous said...

@The ATA Team:
Oh no, that's bad news. :( If this is really intended for CNN I guess we are now seeing the Zucker effect aka. ruining yet another network. That can't be good for Anderson's reputation, especially not if this airs on the same channel he's doing an actual news program for.

I'd rather see him do more work for 60 Minutes that seems to get great rating for the shows he contributes to but I guess his contract with CNN doesn't allow that.

@Anon (I kind of assume it is you. Please correct me if I am wrong):

I don't see how the Hollywood Reporter has any more or less credibility than all the other sources adding their two cents to the story. Apparently the channel executives now say they contacted Anderson but deny they approached him regarding the Today Show. We have no idea what he thinks about the whole mess but I kind of doubt he would consider it. I can't see hom leaving CNN and the Today Show alone would probably make him very unhappy.

I'd love to see him do Jeopardy, though. That would be easy to manage on the side.

Ugh, now I'm terrified of what this pilot episode might be. o_O

Anonymous said...


When Zucker joined CNN, weren't there rumours about him planning a Daily Show type of thing for a late time slot? Maybe this is it? Because with Kathy on it is hardly daytime compatible I guess. XD I'm torn between dreading the outcome and being curious about what it is. I would probably be more confident if this didn't involve Zucker. Oh well, drink tea and wait.