Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday 3/6/13

JODI ARIAS ANSWERS JURY QUESTIONS: Anderson Cooper and Randi Kaye reporting
Follow up with Jeffrey Toobin, Mark Geragos and Nancy Grace

FILIBUSTER: Anderson Cooper reporting
FIGHTING WORDS: Panel discussion with Margaret Hoover, Gloria Borger and Peter Beinhart of The Daily Beast

DEADLY LION ATTACK: Anderson Cooper and Kathryn Herr reporting
Follow up interview with Jeff Corwin

REEVA STEENKAMP'S FAMILY BREAKS SILENCE: Drew Griffin reporting from South Africa



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aries moon said...

The Arias trial is of zero importance yet it's the first report on 360. I don't care about this trial at all but maybe it brings in the ratings. And having Nancy Grace as a part of the discussion makes all the coverage unbearable--did she demand to be included with Toobin and Geragos? She cheapens every discussion she's a part of.

AC retweeted Margaret Hoover's comment on how everything Rand Paul said about drones during his filibuster was substantive--if that's even true it's a first for him because he has shown himself to be kind of an idiot on most occasions.

Anonymous said...

A mixed show for me on Wednesday. Again the most interesting part was the panel on the Arias trial and again I don't think Nancy Grace had to be there (she's still interrupting too much!). Nonetheless, the best part of the discussion was about wearing glasses which pushed Anderson to put on his own glasses.

I appreciated seeing a new face - Peter Beinhart - on the political panel though I couldn't get into the content that much.

The lion attack segment is time for me to be mean. You've heard of Darwin Awards? The woman getting into the lion cage has won one. Wild animals will kill you with the tiniest provocation or none at all. I live with a mniature black panther and he's so cranky and vocal when he's hungry that I wouldn't dream of getting close to his large fierce cousins.

The Ridicullist was alright but I wonder if the staffer who produces them finds a topic in the news and then finds amusing video clips somehow related to that topic. Later the writing is done and is of trivial importance, only done to fill the spaces in between the video clips.


sandyeggo said...

That horrible Grace person has had her eyebrows raised.

Anonymous said...

AC360 was okay overall and for some reason I found the filibuster segment really interesting. Learned something new.

The Arias trial panel was totally immature and hilarious. It would have been appropriate for Anderson Live maybe. Yes, I laughed out loud several times. Which would have been fine if this wasn't about a horrible murder case, two more or less damaged people and possible the death penalty (which I am against under any circumstances).

Nancy Grace is just insufferable. Not everything she says, because sometimes she makes a good point, just the way he says it. And it's so annoying how she constantly tries to suggest that Geragos somehow supports Arias just because he is explaining what the defense is aiming for. I wish they would stop having her on the program. Just not appropriate for CNN, sorry.