Sunday, March 24, 2013

Anderson Cooper Goes Diving With Nile Crocodiles For 60 Minutes

Anderson Cooper, on assignment for 60 Minutes ~
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Anderson Cooper: Why I went diving with crocodiles 
Has Anderson Cooper gone mad? We have to admit, that was our reaction after watching Cooper dive with deadly crocodiles in dark underwater caves on the 60 Minutes broadcast this week. So, we sat down with Anderson and the two producers who sent him underwater with nothing but a little camera on a rod for protection. In this video, you'll hear what the experience was like for Anderson, and you'll see the dangerous dives weren't shown on the broadcast.

How do crocodiles kill?
Crocodiles are patient with their prey, says zoologist Adam Britton. They wait for their food to come to them. Britton describes the two ways crocs can kill and explains their signature "death roll."

Crocs and Ferraris: similar? 
Crocodiles are prehistoric creatures that have been around since the time of dinosaurs. What do they possibly have in common with Ferraris, Italy's famed automobiles? Zoologist Adam Britton explains.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting piece on the explanation of how crocodiles kill.
They are very smart and their jaws are even wider than that of most snakes. They can and do swallow animals whole, but they wait on the side to watch their victims drink shallow water to quench their thirst.
The heads of all reptiles are from the prehistoric dinosaurs and children of all ages find this fascinating.
They are especially attracted to their mouths and long angular teeth, which quite resemble that of ancient prehistoric reptiles who were able to survive after the Ice Age.
Man should learn from these creatures. They eat and KILL in order to survive, not for sport or fun.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the report and the overtime videos as well! :)

I've definitely never seen crocodiles like that before. Absolutely fascinating and beautifully captured images.

And wow, Anderson really isn't afraid of anything. It this point it is a little miracle he has never been seriously injured considering all the dangerous things he has done. It's like a daredevil protective shield or something...

Anonymous said...

That was an amazing story, but I really wish Anderson didn't do such dangerous stories. I'd rather see him with Snooki.

aries moon said...

Another adventurous, risky and eye-opening report by AC, he really is a fearless badass as Madonna said--as are the zoologists who study these creatures up close.