Friday, April 12, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday 4/12/13

DOCTOR'S 'HOUSE OF HORRORS': Anderson speaks with Jeffrey Toobin, film maker David Altrogge and Joe Slobodzian, reporter Philadelphia Inquior


RNC & SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Anderson Cooper reporting
RNC REAFFIRMS OPPOSITION TO SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Anderson interviews Matt R. Salmon, openly gay son of AZ Congressman Matt Salmon (R)


GEORGIA TOWN STILL HOLDS SEGREGATED PROMS, Teens organizing another prom that welcomes all races:  Report by Gary Tuchman and follow up with Anderson Cooper

ANTHONY BOURDAIN, PARTS UNKNOWN, New show airs Sunday at 9p.m. ET/PT on CNN:  Anderson Cooper and Anthony Bourdain discuss new show over "interesting" lunch ~

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Jaanza said...

I came in a couple minutes late and had no idea who they were talking about. The trial of (alleged doctor?) Gosnell is something I've never heard of before. Jeffrey Toobin said Pennsylvania was 'a political hotbed for abortion' and, concerning the media coverage of Gosnell and the murder charges, " political agenda...we cover stories we think people will be interested in." Okay. However, I didn't think this deserved to be the lead story. And I was disappointed Anderson's panel consisted of three men.

Although Kim Jong Un may be all hat and no cattle, this should have been the first story. Kyung Lah's interview with the North Korean defector about propaganda was interesting.

Anderson's interview with Matt Salmon was the best part of the show. I really liked the talk but wish more was said about the GOP buckling under pressure from it's far right-wing.

The second best part of 360 was Gary Tuchman's report on the integrated prom in Wilcox Cty, GA. I hope it works out for the kids and they do an integrated prom from now on. I'm glad Tuchman talked to ordinary townspeople but most of all liked the comment from the young Hispanic woman about which prom she was supposed to attend, " I think they expected us to stay home..."

Every CNN show has had an Anthony Bourdain segment. Every show, including 360, has to promote his premiere coming up on Sunday. Anderson had a very nice chat and meal with Bourdain but I couldn't help wondering if he would rather have those few minutes to promote his own show about the dad with the two kidnapped Egyptian sons coming up at 10. I wish a few minutes could have been spent previewing the Diance Schuler show (also coming up on Sunday).

Belated thanks for the Anderson interview in yesterday's post. Good questions and answers. I couldn't help feeling a little snide-ness when Anderson said he's in 'constant discussion' with Zucker and lots of 'emails going back and forth'. Anderson said it was exciting and dynamic having Zucker at CNN. In five years time, when Zucker has been booted out, I want a tell-all book about his time at CNN. I don't expect Anderson to write such a book; I'm looking at Blitzer or Morgan.

aries moon said...

The people who were praising AC on Twitter for covering Gosnell were mostly conservatives who are in favor of efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, make safe abortions more difficult to obtain and limit a women's control over her reproductive health and thereby sometimes making it necessary for them to seek out a monster like Gosnell. I find it hard to believe that the people yelling about Gosnell actually care about the poor and minority women he has hurt, because those same people would probably be against these women receiving government assistance such as food/medical care for the child if they actually went through with the pregnancy. The state should have done its job and investigated Gosnell after all of the complaints, but this story WAS covered by pro-choice journalist and feminist writers prior to this current uproar but it didn't get the national media attention it should've then.

AC had a good conversation with Matt Salmon, he was very involved and engaged with Matt's story--too bad Matt's parents acceptance of him doesn't extend to same sex marriage as well. So much for the Republican "rebranding", it figures they would reject same sex marriage again.

AC probably has traveled to as many countries as Anthony Bourdain and I'm sure he's not avoiding most of the food these various areas have to offer, that is part of the fun.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's okay that they covered the Gosnell story but from what I have seen I can understand why the media were reluctant to make this big news. Pro-life advocates are really jumping on this and try to use this in a campaign against legal abortions. Even though their ilk is at fault for women having to go to a monster like Gosnell in the first place. Luckily after watching Anderson for years I don't need to worry about jumping on that weagon in any way. They are not going to get from him what they are looking for.
Anyway, disturbing and sad case.

I really liked the interview with Matt R. Salmon. It was interesting to hear that there are various approaches to such problems within a family and nice to see that they manage to work around it without disconnecting. Hopefully Matt will be able to change his fathers mind over time.
The bit about the so-called therapy helping him to become more confident with men was really amusing. Thank you for posting the whole interview. CNN left out the last two or so minutes. Maybe they thought their flirty banter was to casual or whatever. Pity.

For what I understand Anderson will interview a freshly out football player (soccer) tomorrow. I love that he has at least one gay rights segment if not more on every week.