Thursday, April 18, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from Boston Wednesday, 4/17/13


Follow up discussion of ricin with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Follow up discussion with John King, Susan Candiotti and Anderson

NEW PHOTO POSSIBLE BOSTON BOMB: Anderson interviews Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick

Anderson's interview with victim Steve Byrne and Caitlin Norden sister of two brothers who both lost a leg in the explosion:

NEW PHOTO OF SUSPICIOUS BAG: Anderson Cooper reporting
Follow up discussion with Tom Fuentes and Juliette Kayyem

STORIES OF BRAVERY: Randi Kaye reporting  &  Anderson talks with some of the firefighters who were first responders on Monday in Boston:


BREAKING NEWS, NEW DEVELOPMENT IN BOSTON TERROR INVESTIGATION, Law enforcement sharing photos of two men of high interest:  Anderson Cooper & Susan Candotti reporting
Follow up discussion with Tom Fuentes, John King and Juliette Kayyem

Survivor story:  Gary Tuchman reporting ~

SUSPECT ARRESTED IN WASHINGTON RICIN SCARE, Dept. of Justice:  Paul Kevin Curtis was arrested in Corinth, Miss.:  Joe Johns reports and discusses with Anderson Cooper

SENATE REJECTS EXPANDED GUN BACKGROUND CHECKS, Four Democrats from pro-gun states voted against the bill:  Dana Bash reports and follow up discussion with Anderson and Gloria Borger

Anderson's interview with victim Steve Byrne and Caitlin Norden sister of two bothers who both lost a leg in the explosion (repeated from first hour)

BREAKING NEWS, REPORT: EXPLOSION AT TEXAS FERTILIZER PLANT, Happened north of Waco: possibly 100 people injured:  Anderson Cooper covered the truly "breaking news" story trying to confirm facts and tweeted "I'd rather be right with the info than first"!    He spent the remainder of the hour speaking with:   Glen Robinson, CEO of Hillcrest Hospital; Bage Anderson, Photographer; and Tommy Alford, Eyewitness.  Anderson recapped what was known before handing the breaking news coverage off to Erin Burnett, then stayed with Erin for the first 20 minutes of her broadcast in a support role.


In comments, trampadoo asked for the Rudy Giuliani interview from last night's AC360:

altapowpow posted this picture on Twitter saying AC was hustling on the street to cover breaking news:

And a couple of photos of Anderson at the fire station today ~

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Jaanza said...

Overall another very good 360 but I have mixed feelings about the time spent talking about "possible suspects on video" and speculations about one particular bag on the curb. If the police and FBI are scrutinizing one specific person or a specific bag that moved from a specific spot, then yes, that has to be reported. However, so much is still not known and it felt like Anderson and others were grasping at these straws. Then again, that may be what the police are doing also.

I didn't like the video, shown several times, of the blast and choatic aftermath (running away). Timely and relevant but the last 80% of the video looked like it could induce an epileptic fit.

Anderson had a great inteview with Gov. Patrick and later with the four firefighters, these two segments were the best parts of Wednesday's show.

Maybe tomorrow or Friday there could be some news from London. The London Marathon is Sunday, April 21, and they've been looking very closely at what happened in Boston and are taking extra security measures.

Thanks for the extra photos of Anderson in Boston.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the clip of the interview! :)

Otherwise, not much to smile about. What on earth is going on over there right now? One horrible event after the other.
I was impressed that Anderson sort of single-handedly managed to redeem CNN with great reporting tonight but I almost hope that he will go to Texas and conver the accident there instead of staying in Boston, treading water and covering the POTUS and FLOTUS visit.

I think it would also be nicer for the people there if Anderson talked to them instead of some of the insensitive klutzes that works for CNN...