Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from Boston Wednesday, 04/24/2013

8:00 HOUR PM
As the chyrons didn't match the actual segments again tonight and seemed to be on a loop, here were the headlines:

*RUSSIA ASKED FBI AND CIA TO INVESTIGATE DEAD BOMBING SUSPECT, Source, "Warning letter" sent to CIA in Sept. 2011 after FBI investigation/U.S. official: Russians believed Tamerlan Tsarnaev was "becoming radicalized"/FBI says it's still going through a "mountain of evidence"/Source, Russians provided "no details, no examples, no threads to pull"
*REPORT, BOMBING SUSPECTS' PARENTS TO FLY TO U.S., Russian state news says they will leave Dagestan Thursday/Russian state news says they will cooperate with investigators
*SOURCE, PARENTS' RETURN TO RUSSIA SHOULD HAVE BEEN A RED FLAG, "Why did they go back to a place which they said they were persecuted?"
*WHAT INCOME DID THE BOMBING SUSPECTS LIVE ON?, Source, Questions being asked about who supported them
*CONGRESSMAN, REMOTE CONTROL DEVICE USED TO SET OFF BOMBS, Rep. Ruppersberger says device similar to those used for toy cars
*WHAT DID THE DEAD BOMBING SUSPECT'S WIFE KNOW?, Source, Questions raised about how bombs could be made without her knowledge
*BOMBING SUSPECTS' FATHER COMING TO U.S., Family rep.  He should arrive Friday
*SOURCE, DRUG SALES MAY HAVE HELPED FINANCE BOMB PLOT, Investigators believe older brother was dealing drugs

Guests/Reporters included:
*Joe Johns
*Gloria Borger
*Nic Robertson & Nick Paton Walsh from Makhachkala, Dagestan
*John Miller, Tom Fuentes, Juliette Kayyem, Bob Baer
*Brian Todd
*Erin McPike
*Gloria Borger, John Miller, Jeffrey Toobin



10:00PM HOUR:

The 10:00 PM hour was almost entirely live but there was very little new information or guests.  With the following exceptions:

*Deborah Feyerick reporting from where the first bomb went off and two of the victims visiting the site earlier in the day
*Last half hour was devoted to John King's interview with George W. & Laura Bush.  Anderson announced he would be anchoring CNN's coverage of the library dedication tomorrow beginning at 11am. and would be in Boston tomorrow night for AC360 at 8pm and 10pm

Several photos of Anderson in Boston were tweeted out and posted to Instagram today.  Here's a few ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

Wednesday's 360 was excellent for everybody who wanted an entire hour all about the Boston bombing and the suspects. Anderson and his team covered everything and anything about this story. It is still a big big story but to scrounge up and talk to a co-worker from five years ago of Katie Russell? She didn't have much to add and I thought her inclusion in the show was unnecessary.

I would have appreciated hearing some of the other news of the day.

Anderson covering the Bush Presidential Library opening? Also not necessary but I hope the timing works out with the airline and getting back to Boston in time; don't know how long the library event will take but it seems like he's going to be cutting it awfully close.

Thanks for the extra pictures, they're all awesome.

The ATA Team said...

Jaanza, John King is in Texas and heading CNN's coverage of the Bush Library opening. Anderson will anchor Newsroom from Boston and air the speeches, features of the library, etc. starting at 11 AM ET

Jaanza said...

@ATATeam - okay, thanks, I misread the paragraph and thought Anderson would be in Texas. If I was in charge of CNN, I would send John King to Alabama instead to cover the explosions of the two barges carrying natural gas.

I just hope 360 on Thursday isn't only about the Boston bombing and the Bush library.

Anonymous said...

Like Jaanza said, excellent coverage of you are interested in only the Boston bombings but I have to admit I am also looking forward a bit to the regular AC360 that coveres a whole range of topics.

Am I the only one who gets a bit nervous when Anderson is ancoring in public with such a big crowd watching? I know he has security there and that most people are perfectly lovely and just want to see him do his thing, but sometimes I'm getting worried about some crazy person attacking him.