Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from Boston Thursday, 04/25/2013

8:00PM HOUR:

WAS NEW YORK NEXT STOP FROM BOMBING SUSPECTS?, Rep. Rogers: Investigators believe another attack in Boston more likely:   Report by Anderson Cooper

REP. ROGERS, "THERE ARE PERSONS OF INTEREST WE STILL NEED TO TALK TO", Rogers is Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee:  Anderson's follow up discussion with Mary Snow, Nick Paton Walsh, Juliette Kayyem and Fran Townsend was on the phone

REP. ROGERS, ANOTHER ATTACK IN BOSTON ''MORE LIKELY", Conflicts with info. from NYC officials that suspects planned Times Square Attack:  Anderson Cooper & Drew Griffin report and discuss

RUSSIA ALSO RAISED CONCERNS ABOUT BOMBING SUSPECTS' MOTHER, U.S. intel. official: Mother's name was added to list of suspected terrorists:  Anderson Cooper with Bob Baer, Maajid Nawaz, Fmr. Member of Hizbut Tahrir and Juliette Kayyem

REP. ROGERS (APPARENTLY BUSY TALKING TO MEDIA TODAY) questions actions of Federal Court Judge and the reading of Miranda Rights, etc. and what this means for case going forward:  Jeffrey Toobin and Mark Geragos discuss with Anderson

SAVING JANE RICHARD AFTER THE BOMBINGS, Newly minted paramedic put tourniquet on Martin Richard's sister:  Anderson's interview with Matt Patterson, Firefighter/Paramedic Lynn Fire Dept.

THE ULTIMATE BOMB-SNIFFING DOGS, Researchers at Auburn University train dogs to detect bomb vapors:  Report by Randi Kaye  /To quote Anderson, "Yet another reason dogs are awesome!"


10:00PM HOUR:

The 10:00PM hour was almost entirely live with many of the same discussions/information and guests.  The two exceptions:

BOSTON GLOBE:  MASS. ANTI TERROR UNITS NOT TOLD OF 2011 INVESTIGATION, When Russia asked FBI to investigate older Boston bombing suspect/FBI SPOKESMAN SAYS STATE & LOCAL OFFICIALS HAD AMPLE ACCESS TO INFORMATION:  Anderson Cooper reporting and follow up discussion with Juliette Kayyem & Nick Paton Walsh

THE NEXT STEPS AFTER AN AMPUTATION, How marathon bombing amputees will learn to walk again:  Report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta

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Jaanza said...

Another 360 entirely about the Boston bombing and the suspects. I know it's still a huge story but I thought there would be some mention of the natural gas barge explosions in Alabama or the garment factory collapse in Bangladesh. I would be thrilled if Anderson talked about the fast-food workers strike in Chicago and had a couple economists to talk about it. OTOH, there was nothing about the Bush Presidential Center and a debate about why they're calling in a "center" instead of a "library".

Anderson is still in Boston and relentless in covering every angle and snippet about the Boston bombing. Although I am tiring of the whole hour spent on this one topic, a few things stood out on Thursday:

- the new guy Maajid Nawaz had some really good information about radical Islam.
- the entire Toobin and Geragos segment was an excellent discussion on Miranda rights and the legal case. I especially liked Geragos dissing Rep. Rogers, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, "and displaying such a lack of intelligence is mind boggling!" This segment should have been longer.
- Anderson praising the bomb-sniffing dogs.

The ending was also very nice; wonder if I could find Boston magazine around here.

Another batch of great photos of Anderson posted today. The more I look at it, the more I like the one with the light in front of Anderson. Wonder if CNN could use that in their ads?

Anonymous said...

I can only second Jaanza in what I liked about the show. I hope hope they have Maajid Nawaz back on because he had some interesting things to say and it was nice to have Toobin and Geragos back together.
The interview with the fire fighter was good as well. I think Anderson had some little hearts in his eyes when he said he was a great guy and when he mentioned the awesomeness of dogs. ^_^

The comment about dogs was sweet. :)

Anderson seems to have become quite the live spectacle out there in Boston.