Thursday, April 18, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from West, TX Thursday, 04/18/2013

8:00 PM HOUR:

MANHUNT UNDERWAY FOR BOSTON BOMB SUSPECTS, FBI releases photos, video of two men carrying backpacks:  Anderson Cooper reports and discusses with Susan Candotti, Joe Johns, Drew Griffin, Fran Townsend and Tom Fuentes

OFFICIAL:  SITUATION AT FERTILIZER PLANT STILL "VERY VOLATILE", Police estimate five to 15 people killed, 160+ injured:  Anderson's overview of the explosion and interview with Dr. George Smith, West EMS Director and Jill Jenkins, Triage nurse ~

MAYOR:  "IT WAS LIKE A NUCLEAR BOMB WENT OFF", Fertilizer plant and nearby nursing home left in ruins in West, Texas:  Reporting and discussion by Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta ~

SURVIVOR STORIES:  Anderson talks to Derrick Hurtt & daughter Khloey Hurtt; and Willie "Pee Wee" Zahirniak & his wife and young grandson ~

FBI RELEASES PHOTOS, VIDEO OF BOSTON BOMB SUSPECTS, "Somebody out there knows these individuals":  Anderson's discussion with Jeff Beatty, Security Consultant

HEARTS ARE HURTING IN BOSTON, MA & WEST, TX:  Final segment of the 8pm hour ~


Anderson opened the 10pm hour with the same overview of the situation in West, TX as the 8pm hour

'WE'RE HOLDING UP", West paramedic talks about plant explosion, aftermath:  Anderson's interview with Brice Reed, Paramedic/Field training officer, West EMS ~

MANHUNT UNDERWAY FOR BOSTON BOMB SUSPECTS, FBI releases photos, video of two men carrying backpacks:  Anderson Cooper reports and discusses with Susan Candotti, Joe Johns, Juliette Kayyem, and Fran Townsend

NEW VIDEO OF DAMAGE FROM FERTILIZER PLANT EXPLOSION, Homes left in ruins after blast:     New video, replay of Sanjay's report from the 8pm hour and Anderson's follow up discussion with Sanjay

FIRST RESPONDER STORY:   Anderson speaks with Steffanie and William Burch, Helped evacuate people from nursing home ~

Anderson further discusses photos with Jeff Beatty, Security Consultant

HEARTS ARE HURTING IN BOSTON, MA & WEST, TX:  Anderson's end to the 10pm hour ~


Anderson Cooper was the subject of The Daily Show's "Moment of Zen" last night ~

AC360 Producer, Ish Estrada tweeted out this "behind the scenes" photo of Anderson anchoring in Boston last night ~

A few photos of Anderson in West, TX from Twitter and Instagram ~

Anderson interviewing Derrick Hurtt & daughter Khloey Hurtt

with a fan

And feisty Anderson on Twitter at the end of a long day and a long week ~

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the videos. :)

The coverage in Texas yesterday was great and I think Anderson was the only big name there. I guess Boston is more exciting and Texas "just" an accident. Some of the interviews actually made me tear up. He's always so kind and compassionate and adorably akward with children.

Something tells me thought that he is already on his way back to Boston and even if he wanted to stay in Texas, I doubt he as a choice. He's CNN's only saving grace at this point. I just switched it off because Chris and Erin are absolutely dreadful. The speculations, the opinions, the rambling. Chris says so many cringe-worthy things, arrgh. Sure, a lost life is always bad but maybe it got this thing rolling (something along that line).. WTF?!

They either need to let Anderson, Sanjay and Wolf do all the breaking news or Anderson needs to leave this channel. Too bad he can't be everywhere at the same time.

Loved his twitter response. Exactely what I have been thinking all night about those morons talking about his jacket, not caring about all those injured or dead people.

aries moon said...

I totally agree with trampadoo about AC's careful, measured reporting compared to some of the other anchors on CNN. As AC likes to say, some of what they were saying was absolutely mind-boggling and embarrassing. There were moments when you could clearly tell AC was deliberately trying to keep from adding to some of the odd commentary/statements by the other anchors. He's very good at his job.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, you very rarely hear him say something that would be considered insensitive or cringe-worthy, even when it is all live and off the cuff, which is when an ancor can't really hide his personality, own style and knowledge or lack thereof. That's just how he is and when it comes to interviews, I think it is a true gift.

I'm sure Chris is a nice guy but someone really needs to tell him not to be so harsh and antagonstic towards interviewees and not to be so dominant when he is co-ancoring. Poor Erin was completely run over and he did the same when he was on air together with Anderson and that security lady whatshername.

Today Anderson seemed to get slightly frustrated with Don's reporting (which was basically just useless rambling. Bless him, what can he do if there is nothing to report on) and that comment about the "interview" with that poor uncle in the car? Priceless. In the last two days he sometimes can't even hide his annoyance with his own network. XD

They should let him take over. Zucker is clearly not having a positive influence. And I'm not even joking.