Friday, April 19, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Live in Boston, Friday 4/19/13

8:00PM HOUR:
POSSIBLE BOMBING SUSPECT CORNERED IN A BOAT, Police trying to get suspect to surrender in Watertown ~
Anderson's guests:
* John King
* Deb Feyerick
* Jeff Beatty, Former FBI Special Agent
* Elizabeth Cohen
* Susan Candiotti
* Jeff Toobin
* Drew Griffin
* Jason Carroll
* Juliette Kayyem
* Bob Baer
* Tom Fuentes

Anderson's opening ~

President Obama's Remarks
* Rudy Giuliani
* Fran Townsend
* Jeff Toobin
* John King
* Juliette Kayyem
* Jeff Beatty
* Ed Davis, Boston Police Commissioner (by phone)
* Poppy Harlow
* Luis Vasquez, knows the bombing suspects
* Chris Lawrence
* Amy Kilzer, knows Tsarnaev Family

 Final thoughts/remembering the victims  ~

Anderson didn't forget those hurting in West, TX tonight ~


Anderson in West, TX yesterday ~

Twitter pictures posted today:

2 from queenlizxo

And some more from Twitter and  Instagram ~


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Jaanza said...

Thanks, ATA, for the opening and closing videos from the 10 pm hour; I was able to watch only the 8 pm show. Which was a great show. At the start I wondered if the standoff would last for hours or possibly be concluded during Anderson's time on the air. Awesome how the timing worked out.

Everybody did a great job, this was CNN at its best. I checked out the coverage on CBS (NBC, ABC and FOX were also covering this live) but it just wasn't as good.

I like all the extra photos in today's post but especially the first one. That kid looks like he could be the future Anderson Cooper. And there's nothing wrong with the jacket Anderson's wearing.

Apropos of nothing that happened today but I'd like to add a 'something completely different' comment. Almost exactly one month ago, a reporter on 360 in a segment about a winter storm in the Midwest said it was 'more like December than March'. I posted here that we in the Midwest can expect snow even in April. We got that snow. Yesterday and today we got 7 inches of snow; areas in the central and northern parts of the state got more than a foot.

Yes, I know that's totally irrelevant to the fact that Anderson did an amazing job today.

Anonymous said...

I was glued to the screen during the 8 PM hour and have to admit I was pleased this when down during Anderson's shift. Lets see it as some kind of consolation for him having to do the back-paddling for John and dealing with some annoying bs this week. Could the timing be more perfect for the weekend. Almost surreal. XD

I hope he gets some good rest this weekend and I don't know, I would love to see him going to Texas again and report from there for two days or so. There are apparently still people missing and the event has been pretty much ignored in the past two days. Anderson going there automatically puts it into focus again.

I love the picture with the kids as well. It's a beautiful shot and that boy has great poise. :)

PS: I find the way social media is taking part in this a bit scary at this point. It can be helpful but some of those armchair wannabe "officers" and "journalists" keep compromising and endangering the police by keeping the suspects nicely up-to-date about the police scanner and pretty much ruin innocent people's lifes by making them out to be suspects and posting personal info about them.

At least for the most part the media corporate with the police and try not to endanger them and the public. It's funny how the social media (if you look at it as some kind of entity) was pissed off about CNN's screw up, wanting to be the first without proper confirmation, while they get off every single time they do the same and are "faster" (as in not properly confirming) than TV news.