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Anderson Cooper 360 Monday, 04/15/2013

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 live from Boston ~

8:00PM HOUR:
Anderson opened the program with an overview of the day's events ~

BREAKING NEWS, DEADLY TERROR ATTACK AT BOSTON MARATHON, 141+ injured, 17 in critical condition, 3 dead:  Anderson Cooper spoke with a variety of guests throughout the hour, including:
-  James Brennan, General Manager of Sugar Haven and witness, victims ran into his candy store for help
- CPT Thom Kenney, eyewitness, marathon runner (by phone)
- John King about authorities looking for darker skinned or black male with a black backpack
- Juliette Kayyem
- Fran Townsend & Tom Fuentes
- Jason Carroll, from one of the Boston hospitals (by phone)
- Dr. Sanjay Gupta
- Susan Candiotti
The 8pm hour ended with live coverage of a Boston Police News Conference

Anderson spoke with Piers Morgan during the 9PMET hour ~

10:00PM HOUR:
Anderson opened the 10PM hour live from Boston after a short introduction he tossed to the Hospital News Conference from Massachusetts General
Anderson spoke to various guests for the hour including:
- Dr. Sanjay Gupta
- Ryan Borker, Marathon runner, eyewitness
- Kate Fox, eyewitness (on phone), helped two little girls
- John King
- Brian Todd
- Fran Townsend & Tom Fuentes
- Juliette Kayyem
- David Abel, Boston Globe reporter
- Jason Carroll & Dr. Ron Walls, Brigham & Women's Hospital
- Matt Frucci, CNN Executive Producer, witnessed attack

Anderson closed the 10PM ET hour with "what we know now" ~

From Instagram - Anderson in Boston tonight ~


Anderson spoke at Smith College in Northampton, MA last night (Sunday) and below are some photos, video of news coverage of the event and a blog post from an attendee ~

From WWLP Channel 22 News ~

From Pioneer blog ~

Anderson Cooper titillates Smithies
April 15, 2013 By Danielle Desjardins

When the show was over, he left by the back door. A few girls had gathered there, and as the door opened and they caught a glimpse, they screamed in excitement. Their squeals signaled the larger crowd of women, and a few men, who rushed to surround the star. The dark SUV that should have been waiting for him was not there. A cop on a Segway tried to lead him through the crowd, but the women reached their arms out to him, asked to shake his hand, to take a picture with him. Their collective voices became louder and louder and individuals stumbled as the mob swayed and jolted. The star tried to maintain composure, pretty successfully, as he left in his wake women nearly fainting with happiness. One woman held her hand to her friend’s face. “He shook my hand!” she exclaimed.

Anderson Cooper, the popular CNN host and reporter, was received with adoration when he visited Smith College Sunday evening. Adoration may be an understatement. In stark contrast to Karl Rove’s recent visit to UMass Amherst, there were no lines, minimum security, and very polite event coordinators ready to check tickets and welcome visitors to Smith. Frequent bursts of extended applause punctuated the event, hosted by the Student Event Committee, as the moderator asked Cooper questions prepared by the coordinators and Smith students.

An Italian student who had scored a free ticket asked me what it was about Anderson Cooper that had a packed auditorium of visitors willing to pay $20 for the privilege of sitting in the same room as him. It can’t be just his fame, his journalistic career or his respected work at CNN. Soledad O’Brien was recently at Mount Holyoke College, and the reception for her was enthusiastic, but also very calm and respectful. Was it Cooper’s steely blue eyes and well-defined features? Cooper’s attractiveness came up for an extended period during the interview period, as the moderator informed him, “You’re quite fit.”

To be fair, Cooper’s distinguished reporting across the world in war zones, his political coverage, and his presence at disasters and tragedies like Hurricane Katrina and the recent Newtown shootings, is extraordinarily relevant to students in the Five College area. The crowd’s willingness to laugh at his every joke could have been in exchange for Cooper’s candor about his early career and personal life. Cooper spoke about losing his brother to suicide in his senior year of college. That year for him was a blur, he barely made it through, and then he took a year off to travel the world. A friend made him a fake press pass that allowed him to gain access and begin war coverage across the globe. Eventually, ABC noticed his talent and invited him to work with them. Cooper cautions students against following in his footsteps, though — these days it’s much more dangerous. Cooper mentioned a few of the close colleagues and friends he’s lost in war zones in recent years.

For all his candor and charisma, though, did his chiseled presence alone fully explain the quiver of the audience as soon as he walked into the room? The questions from the moderator and audience participants were mostly questions that had been asked before, and Cooper certainly didn’t offer anything unexpected or surprising. If the audience had entered the auditorium eager with anticipation, they left ecstatic and satisfied, getting exactly what they had paid $20 for.

I walked away somewhat overwhelmed by the hype, and disappointed that more gravity wasn’t given to some of the anecdotes that Cooper was honest enough to offer. Early in the evening, Cooper began to talk about visiting New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. He spoke about visiting a house where a family had drowned in the living room. The child’s footprints could be seen on the refrigerator. The family had tried to get up to the attic — perhaps they had tried to lift the child. They failed. The emotional toll from witnessing this kind of tragedy was clearly not lost on Cooper. He admitted that perhaps because he experienced the loss of his father and then his brother at such a young age, “I’m not very demonstrative in my emotions.” Cooper holds that emotion close, and remains even-keel in public. Nonetheless, the story was a grave one, as was Cooper’s experience, but the audience wasn’t present for a serious conversation. They seemed more prepared to laugh along as Cooper confessed that he listened to Rhianna during his workouts, and to try touching him before he could escape into his black SUV escort.

The photos below, found on Twitter, show Anderson wearing the "Smithie" sweatshirt he was presented at the end of the event and trying to make his way to his car (as described above) ~

And from ABC40/FOX 6 ~

And from AC360's Facebook page, Anderson with Anthony Bourdain from last Friday night's program ~

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Jaanza said...

Wow, Anderson was in Northhampton MA last night, probably went home to NYC right after the talk then hours later had to head back to the state. I'm glad he made the effort to be in Boston, it's important to be right there in the thick of it.

360 was very good, some of it I heard earlier on Blitzer's show, a lot of it new. Two things that really stood out to me and were much appreciated
- the map of Boston detailing where the explosions took place (news programs should always show maps!)
- the info given by Susan Condiotti about the timeline of events.

Thanks for the article about Anderson at Smith College. Rock star reception but it's great to hear students so excited about someone who's not a musician or a reality show "celebrity".

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the videos and the pics of Anderson speaking at Smith College.

Horrible crime. :( I'm glad that Anderson is working hard and doing a lot of the coverage because the tone he sets and the things he says are almost always 100% on the mark. He always keeps reminding the viewer that certain things are just speculation and makes sure the correspondents he talks to don't run away with a rumour.

I saw a couple of videos of Anderson's talk at Smith and he was very candid and funny. I have not heard him talking about his coming out in such an open way so far. He even mentioned partners. It's great to see him talking so relaxed about the subject. :)

The article was interesting. He's quite the phenomenon. I just hope that won't be too big of a target on his head one day. It always worries me a bit. He would be such a trophy for a madman.