Monday, April 01, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 4/1/13, Dyngus Day Edition

Wolf Blitzer was in the AC360 anchor chair this evening so we'll focus tonight's post on Dyngus Day, which is today.....April 1st (and this is not an April Fool's joke).  For those of you who don't remember the kerfuffle surrounding Anderson  and Dyngus day here's the Ridiculist that started it all:

And the follow up the next night, which included an apology and an invitation for Anderson to be the very first Pussy Willow Prince.

In February WIVB announced Anderson would not be attending because of a previous commitment.  We here at ATA were absolutely gobsmacked, we were so sure he'd go.

So what was this assignment Anderson was on that kept him from being the Pussy Willow Prince in Buffalo, NY?  We're not too sure but we did get a press release that AC would be interviewing Dr. Conrad Murray for tomorrow night's AC360. So we thought maybe he's in California?

But then there is this:
If you don't speak Portuguese Francis Wagner tweeted that he spotted Anderson in Brazil this weekend.  We usually don't give too much credence to random tweets without photos to substantiate the sightings but today this article turned up on   Roughly translated it says "Anderson Cooper, who attended the Carnival of Rio in January, returned to Brazil to pass the vacation of Easter. The anchor of CNN is in Trancoso staying at the hotel Uxuá, in the Square, accompanied by a friend. Sunday night Anderson stayed hours in the pizzeria Maritaca, taking wine and chatting. It is worth remembering that the journalist assumed his homosexuality in last year."

How will the Dyngus Day celebrants take the news that their Pussy Willow Prince was vacationing in Brazil instead of sprinkling water in Buffalo?  We're not sure but maybe these photos from today's Dyngus Day parade will give you some small hint. 

 And that's how we here at ATA do a 'Keeping Them Honest'. 

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Jaanza said...

I watched most of 360; Blitzer did a pretty good job. I actually prefer him as substitute host instead of some of the other CNN folks.

Brazil? That's a bit of a surprise but I hope he had fun.

Is anyone here keenly interested in hearing from Michael Jackson's doctor? Unless he says something really amazing, like 'I'm Blanket's biological doctor" I don't care and am already planning on channelsurfing during the segment.

Dyngus Day in Buffalo - Anderson was there in spriit perhaps reluctantly so.

aries moon said...

AC tweeted about Dyngus Day and said he was sorry that he couldn't be there because he was working--maybe he is actually working in Brazil, but that Brazil article and some of the tweets don't sound that way. I guess he'd better hope the Dyngus folks don't ever find out where he actually is because they are already pretty irritated with him for standing them up. I hope he has a nice stay in Brazil--he loves it so much, I'm surprised he hasn't tried to buy a home there.

It's probably a good thing he got out of town because the show CNN put on in place of the 10 pm 360 repeat was atrocious.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Jaanza, I doubt many people want to hear from Michael Jackson`s doctor. I think it's a waste of air time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laughs!! I'm dying here! The pictures especially crack me up. Love the tickle my dyngus shirt on the AC hung effigy. Guess old Mr. Cooper can't pull one over on you gals. LOL

I too wonder how the Dyngus people will react when they learn Anderson wasn't working on a 60 Minutes project as he said he was going to do yet was off vacationing on a lavish beach get a way. I'm betting they won't be too happy.

aries moon said...

Is anon 11:00 one of the Dyngus Day celebrants? She certainly sounds like she would've THOROUGHLY enjoyed participating in the mocking/hanging/hating on AC there.

Anonymous said...


No, I think Anon is just THAT usual Anon. ;)

Anyway, I can't blame him for not going there, be it because of a vacation or working on a 60 Minutes segment and combining it with a short vacation. Hope he spend some quality time with.. maybe it was Ben with him? :)