Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 4/2/13

MAN EYED IN TEXAS D.A. MURDER: Ed Lavandera reporting

JAILHOUSE  EXCLUSIVE: Randi Kaye reports the facts of the Michael Jackson case

JACKSON DOCTOR SPEAKS FROM JAIL: Anderson speaks by phone with Dr. Conrad Murray and Valerie Wass, Murray's attorney (This interview lasted about 24 minutes)

CONRAD MURRAY'S QUEST TO CLEAR HIS NAME: Anderson has a follow up discussion with Jeffrey Toobin and Mark Geragos

MAN EYED IN TEXAS D.A. MURDER: Gary Tuchman reporting

AC360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN: Deborah Feyerick

There was no Ridiculist but in the last few minutes of the hour Anderson replayed the oddest part of  the Murray interview with great expression and few words.

AC360 Transcript
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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I think 360 needs to be renamed Crime 360. The whole show was nothing but crime tonite. And that interview with Dr.Murray was ridiculous. It went on way too long and was pointless. 360 can be a really good show when they try but lately it seems like everyone has given up on it.

Jaanza said...

Tuesday's 360 was glorious and magnificent for anyone intensely interested in Michael Jackson and especially obsessed with Jackson's death.

I'm not one of those people. Although there was a minute and a half for the suspect in the Texas DA murder at the start, most of the show was about Dr. Murray. I found the identify-the-meat task on 'Hell's Kitchen' to be better viewing. I switched back and forth betweeen 360 and HK.

However, I stayed at 360 during the Toobin and Geragos segment, it was the smartest and most interesting part of the show. I liked Toobin saying Dr. Murray was responsible but so was Jackson himself and most of hjs family. Later Toobin said they were "leeches". Geragos had a good perspective on what the jury might think. I'd happily listen to Toobin and Geragos analyze the silliest case from 'Judge Judy'.

There was a short piece before the Bulletin, a story about a radio guy saying something stupid about North Korea and same-sex marriage. There was a brief clip of Anderson interviewing the guy who said he was "misunderstood". Anderson said this would be covered tomorrow. Why? It was obviously already taped and looked more interesting than any of the Murray/Jackson stuff. How about having more variety in the news on Tuesday instead of way too much about Murray and MJ?

Also, the second story of the Bulletin - the oil spill in Arkansas - should have been its own segment.

I didn't understand the last piece, a replay of Andeson's Murray interview in which Murray sings. I just didn't get it.

Despite problems with most of the content, I'm still glad to see Anderson back at work. I figured he'd be out all week.

aries moon said...

I thought Anderson did a good job grilling Conrad Murray, he didn't simply allow Murray to plead his case or let him make statements of his innocence. AC was getting some criticism from fans of Michael who thought he would go easy on Murray--he didn't. The expression on AC's face when Murray inexplicably starting "singing" was hilarious. Jeff Toobin had some really harsh words for Michael's family, but I'm not sure if all the money he made or would've made should go to some outside entity--that family has a ton of issues, but I can understand them wanting to control where Michael's money goes--it would be interesting to those of us who grew up listening to the Jackson Five and Michael on his own to know what he really felt about his family members.

Anonymous said...

I thought Anderson would still be off the air and was dead tired so I didn't watch. I guess since I am not that interested in the MJ topic I didn't miss much. However, I'M looking forward to the segment on the radio guy today. That would have been a bummer had I missed it.