Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 4/30/13

8:00 PM HOUR:

Follow up with Nick Paton Walsh (by phone), Susan Candiotti, Joe Johns and Bob Baer

Anderson's exclusive interview with film maker Spike Lee

LZ Granderson and Boyce Watkins


AMANDA KNOX SPEAKS: Anderson talks with Susan Page who interviewed Knox for USA Today


10:00 PM HOUR:

Anderson was joined at the round table by Christiane Amanpour, Jeffrey Toobin, Amy Holmes and Eva Longoria and remotely by Aaron David Miller, Joe Johns and Dr. Drew Pinsky.
Topics discussed were Syria, Boston Bombing, Public Eye/Private Life (Katherine Zita-Jones), Speaking Out (Amanda Knox) and Guantanamo. 

Another great 10 PM hour, if you aren't watching you should be!

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Jaanza said...

I missed most of the first half of 360; looking at the line-up of stories here on ATA, it looks like that was the better half. I just could not get into the segments about Catherine Zeta Jones or Amanda Knox. In the last minute Anderson promoted the 10 PM program. Has anyone seen commercials or promotions for the roundtable program anywhere else on CNN?

The 10 PM 360 - first, it's labeled "360 Special Edition" which makes me think it's a temporary and won't last long. Maybe it is an experiment. We'll have to wait and see what the ratings are and if Anderson will stay with it considering his already huge work load.

The opening segment about Syria was pretty good. A lot of good discussion and good points being made about possible U.S. intervention:
Amanpour - definitely yes
Holmes - yes, it's a national security threat.
Miller - something has to be done but what will the outcome/endgame be?
Toobin - what will victory look like?
Miller - have to "vet" the rebel groups and then help them.
Amanpour - shorten the war by making it a fair fight.
It would have been an excellent discussion if more time was spent on what happens in Syria after Assad is booted out. Miller touched upon this a few times. Amanpour (and McCain et. al) need to address what will Syria look like without Assad. There was an article in the NYTimes last Sunday asking this and another article (can't remember where) about a month ago concerning the rebel groups. Some of the rebel groups are far right religious fanatics and some groups have ties to Al Queda. We certainly would like to see a democracy in Syria but what are the chances of that happening with or without Assad?

Next segment tying the Boston bombing to immigration reform and politics was okay. The segment on Jason Collins and Catherine Zeta Jones was noteworthy for how many comments Anderson made about his own life in regards to public figure vs. private life vs. public opinion.

While discussing Amanda Knox, Toobin commented on celebrity and notoriety and I wish that had been the focus of the talk but it wasn't. Suddenly and abruptly Amanpour changed the topic to Guantanamo Bay.

With the right topics and the right people, "360 Special Edition" could be awesome. I would love it if Anderson had Sen. McCain on with Miller and they talked only about the endgame in Syria. Because I don't think McCain has thought much about it and he really needs to.

aries moon said...

I liked seeing LZ Granderson on the show and agreed with his comments. Boyce Watkins was a disappointment and generally I find him fairly reasonable, but his stance on whether the LGBT civil right movement is equal to African-Americans struggle for rights annoyed me--I know it's a touchy subject, but for me, discrimination is discrimination and it's ALL wrong.

Enjoyed the 10 pm hour once again. Christianne seems to really dominate the discussions on Syria and tends to ignore others when they're trying to get a word in and AC seems like he doesn't want to try to reign her in or control the flow of conversation--I guess she's a little intimidating. Of course she's highly knowledgeable, but there were a couple of times when Jeff Toobin was trying to weigh in on Syria and I would've liked to have heard what he said, but Amanpour kind of bulldozed over him and everyone else. I think the President is being cautious with regards to dealing with Syria--it's easy to sit on a panel and pontificate about how things should be handled, but the President has life and death decisions on his hands and highly sensitive and complex situations to deal with.

I did agree with CA when she said she wanted nothing to do with the Amanda Knox story--that was a bore like always. Didn't care about Catherine Zeta-Jones/Dr. Drew either. Eva Longoria was ok, she's politically aware, but I'd rather see some smart political bloggers as the guest on the show instead of a celebrity, but we'll see what happens.

Anderson's been out for a while now but it is still a little stunning to hear him open up about having a partner and dealing with fame/relationships. Who would've ever thought we'd see him discussing something so personal to him on 360? I guess that's what comes with being out and proud and happy in your private life.

I hope the 10 pm format continues past this week with some tweaks here and there, it will be appointment viewing for me.

aries moon said...

I forgot to mention that they still need to add a Democratic voice on the panel since it does appear that Amy Holmes is sticking around as the conservative representative, I mean, just to be fair...

Anonymous said...

I really liked the segments on the coming out and bipolar disorder.

The legal issues of the Bosten bomber case are also quite interesting.

But what really stuck with me was the 10 PM hour I managed to catch this time. Loved it!

The set up is appealing and the whole thing is clearly segmented and doesn't seem rushed or chopped up. I like that they have a time table for a set of topics and stick to it because often those kind of round tables run off with one topic and are getting nowhere at the end.

The people on the panel are basically proven Anderson regulars that can have intelligent, civilized discussions and bring in a lot of knowledge. I also like the idea that there will be a surprise guest every night because that makes viewers curious. Not to mention that Anderson has so many contacts to journalists, politicians and artists, even entertainment folks, there won't be no shortage of suitable panelists anytime soon.

Since he said they are trying something new I guess it is an experiment. But surely they are doing this with the intention to actually make it a regular show if ratings are good? And so far reactions seem to be mostly really positive.

What I love about this is that it combines interesting, civilized discussions with a bit of entertainment. The latter mainly due to the good chemistry between the panelists who clearly has some fun together and feel comfortable enough to get a bit more personal.

Funny, I was already mourning the First 15 and this is like a serious, more interesting high level version that allows Anderson to express a bit more of his personal opinion on the topics he has to report on neutrally on the 8 PM hour and he also gets to show a bit more personal, fun side. Actually I think this is exactely what many people would have liked to see him in since years.

And I guess he doesn't mind the time schedule. He would work a bit longer but otherwise he seems to enjoy working a lot. Maybe he was keen on filling the void the daytime show left and eager to apply new skills and experiences he's made in the last two years to this new format.

I hope it is a success. :) If they make it regular I need to figure out a way to record it because it is on too late for me to watch every day.

PS: The 60 seconds with the pictures of the day was a lovely idea as well. More of that, too!

aries moon said...

@trampadoo, good point about the program's similarities to The First 15, the best part of AC's daytime show--I'm sure that's part of the reason I'm enjoying this new format.