Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Tuesday, 4/9/2013

Anderson anchored AC360 from Washington, DC tonight as part of CNN's "Guns Under Fire, A CNN Special Report on Background Checks" coverage.

BREAKING NEWS, U.S. OFFICIAL, NORTH KOREA MISSILE TEST COULD BE "IMMINENT", Says intel shows Pyongyang likely has completed launch preparations:  Anderson Cooper and Kynug Lah reporting

BREAKING NEWS, 14 INJURED IN TEXAS COLLEGE STABBING SPREE, Two victims in critical condition:  Anderson Cooper and Ed Lavandera reporting
Two witnesses to the rampage speak out:  Anderson talks to Cassie Foe and Steven Maida

GABBY GIFFORDS AND GUNS, Fmr. Congresswoman, husband own weapons, call for gun control:  Interview with Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly by Dana Bash and Dana's follow-up with Anderson

WILL SENATE REPUBLICANS FILIBUSTER GUN CONTROL?  More than 90% of Americans support universal background checks:  Anderson's interview with Sen. James Risch (R)Idaho

NEWTOWN MOM FIGHTS FOR GUN CONTROL, Nicole Hockley's son Dylan was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary:  Anderson's interview with Nicole Hockley

CUBA TO RETURN AMERICAN COUPLE, ABDUCTED KIDS, Hakkens fled with young sons after losing their parental rights:  John Zarella reporting and Anderson's follow up with Patrick Oppman


No RidicuList again tonight, but there was this banter between Anderson and Isha as part of the last bulletin item ~

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Jaanza said...

Tuesday's first segment was excellent; a look at the situation with North Korea and Kyung Lah in South Korea explaining the situation. Personally, I think Kim Jong Un is just strutting and won't actually do anything. Then he'll tell his people he's a real tough guy who made the US back down.

I liked Anderson's interview with the two students from the Texas university campus, the scene of the crazed stabbing spree. Of course more attention was given to Maida but Anderson commended them both.

Yes, it's ironic that Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly still enjoy guns after she was a shooting victim. Nevertheless, the segment dragged. I channelsurfed and found 'Hell's Kitchen' to be more interesting. I did see several minutes of Anderson's interview with Sen. Risch. At first it seemed dumb for Anderson to ask and for Risch to explain about killing the background check bill with a filibuster. But later I realized that some viewers might not have paid attention in 11th grade Social Studies and knew how the process worked.

Back and forth between 360 and HK.

Two stories in the Bulletin could have been segments: Obama approving aid to Syrian opposition and the new Dow record. I enjoyed the banter between Anderson and Isha about Nutella and would just like to point out to Isha that nobody has ever stolen 5000 jars of Marmite.

I'd also like to clarify something I wrote yesterday. I wrote that Arkansas law enforcement were following orders and keeping reporters away from the oil spill. I should have added those orders are coming from Exxon. This includes restrictions on flying over the oil spill.

ATA, is 'Anderson Live' in repeats? Airing shows pre-taped back in February? Just not worth mentioning? I did enjoy a few of the 'First 15's posted here.

aries moon said...

Anderson certainly made Sen. Risch look ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I'm too tired right now to write a longer review. I just wanted to second Aries Moon. Anderson made Sen. Risch look like a complete fool. I almost (but not really) felt sorry for the guy. Or it was second hand embarrassemnt.