Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Anderson Cooper, Newsroom Wednesday, 04/17/2013

Anderson Cooper joined Chris Cuomo to anchor the 2PM ET Hour of CNN's Newsroom.  Cooper joined the broadcast at 2:07PM and  left at 3:30PM, at which time Erin Burnett joined Chris as co-anchor.  (It's been that kind of day on CNN.)

BREAKING NEWS, ARREST IN BOSTON BOMBING CASE, Law enforcement briefing expected 5pm ET:  Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, John King and Juliette Kayyem reporting.  Others reporting/participating were Deb Feyerick (on the phone), Tom Fuentes, Fran Townsend, Joe Johns, Jake Tapper, Mike Brooks (HLN Law Enforcement Analyst), Elizabeth Cohen and Jason Carroll.

Discussion centered around law enforcement sources saying a suspect was ID'd based on videos until a half-hour into the broadcast when Tom Fuentes said he had three sources telling him that no arrest had been made and a suspect had not been identified by name yet, but they had someone they were looking for at the time.  Discussion then shifted to the conflicting reports on the bombing arrest; the timing of picking out a person of interest on a video, identifying that person, to an arrest being made; how often initial reports are wrong; the two videos that were key to the alleged suspect.   A later headline read, BREAKING NEWS, JUSTICE DEPARTMENT:  NO ARREST MADE, Officials:  Nobody in custody in Boston Case.  The Federal source did day that "significant progress" has been made in the case.  Discussion then shifted to the tools available to ID and track down the person in the video/images, how the case was barely 48 hours old and it sometimes takes months/years to identify a suspect and bring them to justice; the difference between a "hot trail" and a "cold trail".  Then news broke that Brigham and Women's hospital has a heavy police presence and that the hospital or at least a part of it was being evacuated and no reason given.  Anderson cautioned against speculation on the reason.

FBI:  LETTER TO OBAMA TESTS POSITIVE FOR RICIN, Was addressed to White House, intercepted at mail facility:  Jessica Yellin reporting

Anderson then tossed to commercial and left the broadcast.  For those watching, yes, there was a wardrobe change for Mr. Cooper during the broadcast!

A couple of photos posted to Twitter and Instagram today ~

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that false report caused international confusion. I felt really bad for Anderson and Chris having to backpaddle for the people who messed up. I hope this is not Zucker's influence, putting pressure on the reporters to get the big scoop.

Anderson looked so uncomfortable and at a certain point, expremely pissed off. Like he said, when he is angry he becomes very quite. The cherry on top was when he didn't want to report on the evacuations in order to not cause any unnecessary panic and those idiots ignored him and switched to the evactuation. I wouldn't want to be in that staff meeting today...

Definitely a giant PR desaster for CNN and that a couple of weeks after Poppy's horrible comments on those rapists.

I think they will need to give Anderson a raise if they want him to renew his contract after this crap. At this point he's the only thing they've got going for them anyway.

Anonymous said...


Kayyem was pretty terrible, constantly interrupting Anderson and Chris and I have to say I am still not fond of Chris' style. Too loud and aggressive for my taste. And he kept gesturing with his arms in front of Juliette and Anderson which came across as kind of rude. It was also odd to hear that correspondents kept referring/talking to Anderson even when Chris addressed them, probably because they were so unfamiliar with someone taking over like that when Anderson is there. From the reactions I have seen, most people did not appreciate that.