Sunday, April 28, 2013

Missing Anderson Cooper Segments from Boston on a Sunday, 04/28/2013

Friday night, CNN aired an Anderson Cooper Special Report:  Boston Terror Behind the Bombings.  Below are Anderson's opening, segment and closing ~

And on April 17th, Anderson interviewed Scott Rigsby.  The interview didn't air but was posted to the AC360 website ~

New normal, new mission for amputees 
Scott Rigsby counsels amputees and teaches them to overcome their fears. He was nearing the finish line during the Boston Marathon on Monday when the bombs exploded. He has since visited the victims who lost limbs in the blast. Rigsby tells Anderson Cooper how he defined his new normal as a double amputee, and how he helps others do the same. 

To learn more about his campaign to help victims of the Boston attack, visit his organization's site:


Earlier in the week Channel One tweeted the following.  Any guesses?  ~

And photos of Anderson in Boston found on Flickr and Tumblr.  The first is with Gov. Patrick ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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