Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from Boston Wednesday, 05/15/2013

8:00PM HOUR:

ACTING IRS COMMISSIONER RESIGNS, Steven Miller forced out over agency's targeting of conservative groups:  Anderson Cooper reporting and follow up (also including release of Benghazi memos) with Dana Bash, Jessica Yellin, Gloria Borger & David Gergen

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN WATERTOWN, Inside the police shootout with the Tsarnaev brothers:  Report by Drew Griffin and follow up with Anderson

BOSTON ONE MONTH LATER, New details about investigation and Watertown shootout:  Anderson's discussion with John Miller of "CBS This Morning"

NEW DETAILS ON 3 MISSING  WOMEN FOUND, FBI agent:  None of the Cleveland victims looked "weird":  Randi Kaye reports and discusses with Anderson

BOSTON STRONG,  ADRIANNE'S JOURNEY:  Anderson's interview with Adrianne Haslet-Davis
Part 1:

Part 2:



10:00PM HOUR:

The 10:00pm hour was a mix of live and replays of the interviews and reports in the 8:00pm hour.  Missing from the first segment discussion of the Benghazi memos and IRS "scandal" in the 10:00pm hours was David Gergen and apparently Anderson left his reporting location after his live discussion with Randi Kaye who was in Cleveland.  After the replays of parts 1 and 2 of his interview with Adrianne, Isha came on with breaking news of several fatalities from a tornado in Texas that injured as many as 100 people in the Fort Worth area.  She spoke by phone with Matt Zavadsky, Director of Public Affairs for Medstar Mobile Healthcare.  The hour ended with a replay of the last segment from the 8:00pm hour.


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aries moon said...

Jessica Yellin was really flailing around to find some way to appease the panel that the Benghazi story hasn't REALLY been resolved by the release of those emails. Have any of these folks mentioned the ABC/Jon Karl fake Benghazi emails? I haven't heard anyone on 360 talking about it. Yes, Bash, Gergen and Borger, the Republicans aren't going to be satisfied but then they never are and it's never been about getting answers and facts for them, but all about denigrating President Obama. Dana Bash said something about how Republicans are angry with the President over the IRS issue and how it will be difficult to get them to want to work with him again. Don't make me laugh. They've NEVER wanted to work with him and have obstructed him from the beginning. Anderson and the panel really seem to be hoping that the IRS scandal will lead directly to the WH, since Benghazi has no legs except with right wingers and Fox and certain people on CNN. How is it that 360 can have McCain, Giuliani, Peter King and other Republicans on with no Democrats to counter them but they don't bother to even book a Democratic politician/pundit to join their discussion on these current issues involving the President, instead just bringing in Gergen/Bash/Yellin/Borger/Bash who rarely give off the impression that they are non-partisan. What happened to Charles Blow, Paul Begala, Cornell Belcher? And why was Anderson so appalled that the President will be meeting with Democrats to get their agenda back on track? It's not as if he hasn't been addressing the current issues which are mostly ginned up Republican noise. It's been really difficult to watch 360 with AC's barely concealed hostility towards the President.

Wonz said...

@aries moon I agree completely. I follow the Democrat pundits on Twitter and none have mentioned being on CNN lately.

I think it's very telling with all the cross promotion CNN likes to do of it's programs that Jake Tapper breaking the news that the ABC/Jon Karl Benghazi e-mails were fake was never mentioned on AC360. Night after nigh Anderson gave John McCain a platform to call for US intervention in Libya and when it happened and the result was a country in turmoil, then suddenly it's President Obama's fault that something bad happens. Oh, the hypocrisy. There was a time that Anderson would done a "Keeping Them Honest" take down of John McCain, but those days are gone as CNN apparently is trying to become Fox News while still touting the balanced, non-partisan network meme. If they think they are fooling viewers, they need to look at their ratings. I don't think it's a coincidence that their ratings started to nose dive soon after President Obama's inauguration in 2009. They pretty much started the negative reporting on the administration from the get go. Though it seems to have gotten worse and even more blatant lately.

It's pretty evident that there is no true investigative reporting (of political issues anyway) happening at CNN and I'm guessing Anderson isn't doing his homework on the news stories of the day either - other than the political talking points played earlier during the day on CNN.

The factual information given on the IRS "scandal" has been so one sided and incomplete. No mention of how the SCOTUS decision impacted the IRS, laws for tax-exempt applications, the fact that the Director at the time most of this was happening was a Bush appointee that resigned last November, and that some liberal groups got the same request letter.

Unfortunately the news cycle depends on scandals and the Republicans know this. They are hijacking the President's agenda and avoiding doing their job which is debating and passing legislation that would help the economy, make back-ground checks for gun purchases law (something the majority of the U.S. is behind), pass much needed immigration reform, work at making the Affordable Care Act better instead of taking another vote to abolish it, work on legislation that would make same-sex marriage legal, etc. Congress doesn't want President Obama to have a legacy. They tried the same crap with President Clinton trying to impeach him, but apparently didn't learn that in the end, they were the ones that looked silly.

The saddest part of all is that the American People are the losers in this Republican and media game. If CNN would quit giving, McCain, Guiliani, Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, etc. a platform to spout their talking points and present the facts, then CNN would be doing it's job and maybe gain back some of the respect and viewers they've lost with their blatant ever expanding Anti-President Obama coverage.

And tampadoo, Amb. Steven's journal was a side show for CNN and played into their support of John McCain. The journal didn't contain any information relevant to the investigation and only hurt the family. Instead of looking at the dysfunction within Libya that allowed the attack to happen, CNN was touting it's own horn over finding the journal vs. reporting on why the local officials hadn't secured the site as the U.S. government had asked. Other networks didn't pick up that part of the story and Walton was even on Starting Point defending their actions which pretty much is a dead give-away that even they knew what they did was wrong.

For all the times Anderson has said he wishes a politician or official would admit it when they are wrong, I have yet to hear him utter those words.

I'm hoping Anderson leaves CNN and goes to 60 Minutes or some like show. It's becoming more difficult to watch AC360. That said, once past the political stories/panel last night, the rest of AC360 was good.

aries moon said...

@wonz, EXCELLENT post and the point you make about how the GOP has used these "scandals" as tools for squashing the president's agenda is right on target and completely infuriating to those of us who know their motives and how much is at stake.

Anonymous said...

@Won: Of course there was relevant information in the journal. And of course they defended themselves. Being directly attacked by the administration for hindering them to whitewash and cover up the whole thing could have been quite the PR desaster.
And again, the administration using the family as an argument was despicable and only showed how panicky they were at that point. Neither the republicans nor the democrats cared about these people and their families or they might have provided some better security. They were only willing to cry crocodile tears when the desaster had happened.

And no offence to anyone, but the reactions here are not that much different from conservatives/republicans getting angry at any channel that doesn't constantly and obviously hail their president, politicians, party or even criticises them. That's one of the reasons I like CNN. No blatant pandering to one side. And they are rewarded with good ratings.

And of course the republicans have been blocking POTUS' every move since he first got elected. And now they are jumping on the opportunity of various PR desasters to block him even more. As would the democrats have done had they been in the same position.

aries moon said...

I don't know if this comment will be posted since the post is from several days ago but I wanted to try to respond.

trampadoo, we aren't the first to notice that the Republican's obstruction has reached unprecedented levels. There was a time when raising the debt ceiling did not require a fight or hostage taking, it is only THIS current crop of Republicans who felt it necessary to do something like that with THIS particular president. Republicans and Democrats may have had their battles but in the past they would always make an effort to compromise and get the job of governing done. This is irresponsible, derelict and probably treasonous behavior from a political party. There are 82 federal judge slots that remain vacant because the Republicans have blocked Obama's nominations and it's nearing a crisis. The current crop of Republicans think compromise and empathy are dirty words. You do recall Mitch McConnell famously stating that his main goal is to make Obama a one term president--he failed at that so now he and his party do nothing but yell about scandals and block progress. Another conservative said that Republicans refuse to do what is right (gun control) simply because they don't want to do anything that might help President Obama succeed. What about doing what 90 percent of the country wants? The behavior of the GOP today is an aberration and even some in their OWN party know it. And contrary to what you state, I do believe the Obama Administration should be called out if they've done something that crosses the line, however, I do think that on CNN the reporting isn't balanced or fair. It's certainly not when they won't even allow Democrats on to state their position. You say CNN doesn't pander, but I'm afraid they've been courting the GOP/Tea Party for several years now and it shows in their reporting.