Monday, May 20, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 5/20/13

Both tonight's 8 PM and 10 PM AC360's were dedicated to covering the devastating tornado that struck Moore, OK today.  Most of the on camera reporting from the scene was handled by CNN's George Howell and Nick Valencia.  Gary Tuchman was also on scene phoning in reports and Chad Myers and Indra Petersons were in the CNN weather center in Atlanta.
Anderson spoke with various State and local officials and country singer Toby Keith, who grew up in Moore.
Anderson ended tonight's 360 with an overview of the disaster:

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Jaanza said...

Monday's 36o was excellent for anyone in Oklahoma, or knew anybody in Oklahoma or was keenly interested in the state or in tornadoes. For me the first segment told me everything I wanted to know and my interest waned from then on.

One thing that stuck out at me was one of the screen titles in the first segment when Gary Tuchman was talking, apparently a quote from a local eyewitness. "THERE WERE HORSES FLYING EVERYWHERE" At first I thought my eyes were deceiving me, that it actually said "houses" but then the same thing showed up again during Chad Myers' report.

Maybe Moore, OK is more rural than it looked and a lot of folks there kept horses? Maybe Pegasus came to town? Or maybe it really was a typo no one caught?

While I realize this was indeed *breaking* news, I would have appreciated hearing some of the other news of the day. It would have been interesting to see a political panel discuss CNN's own poll showing a slightly higher approval rating for President Obama, even with Benghazi and the IRS alleged fiasco.

Some posters, myself included, have given Anderson grief about being biased in his political reporting. I wonder what kind of feedback he gets about that. There was an article a couple years ago in which Anderson stated he gets flack from both sides about being biased and he felt if he got it from both sides he must be doing something right. Anyone remember that or have more info?

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza: He has indeed gotten flak from both sides whenever he has criticised their politicians. Conservatives/republicans complain when he criticises one of their own, liberals/democrats complain when he does the same with one of theirs. In a way both sides dislike neutrality and don't like it when a news ancor is not biased towards their side. There is just no way to make one side happy without clear bias because the US is so divided. It cracks me up how Anderson is simultaneously called Obama's puppet and anti-Obama bei both sides. XD

Anonymous said...

PS: Right now AC360 seems to focus on single national events because those got them excellent ratings in the past few months. I admit I switched off after 10 minutes. Almost makes me hope for a break in the big crime stories and natural desasters in the US so AC360 can focus on several stories again including gay rights issues, Korea, Libya and Syria.

Isabel Siaba said...

I agree with Jaanza and sounded and the title "THERE WERE FLYING HORSES EVERYWHERE" was very strange.

My 2 year old daughter sleeps in 5 minutes, watching AC360 and many times after this we switched the channel because the program can not hold the attention when he talks too much in a subject without saying anything interesting about it.

The ATA Team said...

For those asking, Orr Family Farm in Moore had 80 horses prior to the tornado and by the time it was over there were 1 or 2. So yes, there were reports of horses being picked up and flying through the air.