Thursday, May 16, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 05/16/2013

TORNADOES RIP THROUGH NORTH TEXAS, National Weather Service - At least 13 twisters hit area:  Anderson Cooper and Randi Kaye reporting

TORNADOES RIP THROUGH NORTH TEXAS, EF4 tornado touched down in Granbury, Texas:  Anderson speaks with Dr. Kerri Sistrunk, Trauma Medical Director, Lake Granbury Medical Ctr.

TORNADOES RIP THROUGH NORTH TEXAS, 6 people died in a Habitat for Humanity neighborhood in Granbury:  Anderson speaks with Mayor Pro Tem, Granbury, Texas

REPORT, TAMERLAN TSARNAEV VISITED FMR. CHECHEN REBEL, Voice of America reports multiple visits in Manchester, N.H.:  Brian Todd reporting

BOSTON BOMBINGS SUSPECT LEFT NOTE IN BOAT, Source, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev claimed responsibility for attacks:  Susan Candiotti reporting and Anderson's follow up discussion with Jeff Toobin

CAUSE OF TEXAS EXPLOSION REMAINS A MYSTERY, Investigators have not ruled out arson as cause of explosion:  Anderson Cooper and Ed Lavandera reporting

NEW QUESTIONS ABOUT WEST, TEXAS FIRST RESPONDER, Bryce Reed arrested for allegedly having materials for a pipe bomb:  Report by Gary Tuchman *

LIFE OR DEATH FOR JODI ARIAS?:  Travis Alexander's siblings told of love for brother:  Anderson Cooper, Jeff Toobin and Mark Geragos discuss

REMARKABLE RESCUE, American aid worker kidnapped in Somalia, rescued by Navy SEALS:  Anderson interviews Jessica Buchanan, Co-author, "Impossible Odds"

(NOTE:   Only a short portion of the interview was played with Anderson saying more of the interview would air tomorrow, Friday, night.  Here's hoping that's true because Jessica has an amazing story to tell.)

A little Anderson and Isha banter ~


* If interested, you may see Anderson's original interview with Anderson in our post from April 18th by clicking here.

Anderson will have a segment on 60 Minutes Sunday ~
Preview: A Long and Dangerous Journey

Child refugees flee war in Afghanistan 
As the U.S. military continues its exodus from Afghanistan, the long war has caused another exodus few know about in the U.S. Thousands of mostly teenage boys have fled their war-torn country to embark on a 10,000-mile trek to Europe that most will not complete -- many because they die along the route. Anderson Cooper reports on one of the largest child migrations in modern times on 60 MINUTES, Sunday, May 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Ali Hassan is one of the lucky ones. After a four-year journey on which he nearly died several times, this enterprising 15-year-old Afghan boy lives a better life in Sweden, where he and others are given room, board and schooling. To get there Afghans ride under trucks, in secret compartments in vans and make dangerous water crossings. Ali Hassan almost froze to death in a refrigerated truck. "Two days, two nights and four hours," he tells Cooper of his ordeal in the cold truck that was on a ferry from Greece to Italy. He says he was wearing only jeans and a T-shirt. "I can't shake my hand. My foot. On that time, also, I was think that maybe I will die."

But for every Ali Hassan, there are several other boys who didn't make it to Sweden. Many died as stowaways on dangerous trips, some were turned into sex slaves or got diverted in menial jobs trying to earn the money to pay smugglers to take them on the next leg of the journey. Hassan said his life was threatened by smugglers. 60 Minutes spoke to one in Pakistan who said 35 percent, at most, would make it to Europe.

"If, on the way, any child dies, we won't notify their parents for one or two months. Then after time has passed, the pain will not be that great," the smuggler says. "We try to convince parents that dying is a natural thing and it's not our fault." Afghan parents pay up to $15,000 to have their children smuggled to Europe, an amount often the sum of their life savings.

Alixandra Fazzina is a British photojournalist and author who has spent five years chronicling the travails of these refugees, who disappear frequently and often anonymously. "All along the route, the boys are very, very vulnerable, they are robbed. They are kidnapped," she tells Cooper. They will become the victims of their smugglers and their middle men. "They could be trafficked as sex workers, maybe they simply disappear. Nobody's very sure," says Fazzina.

Smugglers are usually paid to get the kids just to Greece; they are on their own from there. Europe can be hard on the young refugees as well. Says Dr. Henry Ascher, chair of the Swedish Pediatric Group on Child Refugees, "I've seen children with broken arms and legs that have been beaten and abused in European countries," he says. The children have been through a lot, not just on the road, but back home, where they may have seen the horrors of war and the deaths of loved ones. "They have severe the most horrible things that they have experienced," Ascher tells Cooper.

From ~
Exclusive Photos: The Simpsons Poised to Send Anderson Cooper Back to the Future

Anderson Cooper truly will go anywhere for a big news story — even the year 2043.

The CNN fixture will play himself in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons partially set three decades into the future, TVLine has learned exclusively.

The story finds Lisa befriending a girl who is her match in every way, except one: she’s a conservative Republican. “They end up running against each other in the second-grade election,” explains exec producer Al Jean. “And then we flash to the future where they’re [engaged] in an actual presidential debate — and Anderson is the moderator.”

So, what does a 75-year-old Cooper look like? Not much different than the current 45-year-old version, turns out. Says Jean with a laugh: “He has that sort of luck that even 30 years from now he’ll look the same.”

The episode is slated to air in December.

And Andy Cohen was on The Talk today and played "Plead The Fifth" during which Anderson's name came up a couple of times ~

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Jaanza said...

In the middle of the afternoon I saw parts of 'CNN Newsroom' with Chris Cuomo at the helm. Cuomo talked to Jeffrey Toobin about the IRS brouhaha and it was a very even-keeled and intelligent discussion. Which made me wonder how the topic would be addressed on 360.

Lo and behold, 360 on Thursday was almost entirely politic-free. Obama was mentioned only once and that was in the Bulletin when Isha stated who the new acting director of the IRS was. Nearly the whole show was crime and disaster news.

The best part was Toobin and Geragos - together again - discussing Jodi Arias. As I've said before, I'd listen to these two talk about frozen pizza or the new Star Trek movie or Robert 'Bobby' Tuffs.

Minnesota finally got mentioned on 360, thanks to Mayor Tuffs. I live here, never heard of Dorset but I really like their mayoral election process.

Thanks for the info on Anderson's upcoming '60 Minutes' report, sounds like it will be a good one. Now where are those posters who claim Anderson only does celebrity interviews for '60 Minutes'?

aries moon said...

Wasn't really interested in much of 360 with the exception of the Texas explosion and the strange man at the center of the investigation. It was a relief to not have to hear about the "scandals"-- if you're not going to report fairly you may as well not report at all. Enjoyed the AC/Isha interaction which rarely happens anymore.

The 60 Minutes should be good.