Thursday, May 02, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday 5/1/13

8:00 PM HOUR:

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO OF RAID THAT LED TO CAPTURE OF NEW SUSPECTS: Anderson Cooper, Joe Johns and Susan Candiotti reporting



THREE NEW SUSPECTS ARRESTED IN BOSTON BOMBING CASE: Alan Dershowitz and Juliette Kayyem reporting

747 FALLS FROM THE SKY: Chris Lawrence reporting
Follow up discussion with Anderson and Jim Nance, aviation analyst for ABC News





10:00 PM HOUR:

Anderson was joined at the roundtable by Christiane Amanpour, Amy Holmes, Jeffrey Toobin and Anthony Bourdain and remotely by Rudy Giuliani, Kamala Harris and Susan Candiotti.
Topics discussed were Boston Bombing, Around the World, Getting Out of Gitmo and Gun Control Fight.

Blogger's Commentary: The Special Edition of AC360 at 10 PM was on a roll the first two nights but lost us tonight. Giuliani's fear mongering about Gitmo was a total turn off.  
And please CNN don't dummy down a smart program by pimping your culinary reporter on a panel discussing politics and world issues.


Sunday, May 5th: Anderson is the featured speaker at the 24th annual Stainton Society Thank You Brunch at the Revel in Atlantic City.The Stainton Society provides financial support for the growth of Shore Medical Center.

Wednesday, May 15th:  Caron New Yorka regional office of Caron Treatment Centers - will honor business leader Juliana Terian and music legend Paul Williams at its annual gala  at Cipriani 42nd Street, in Manhattan with Anderson Cooper hosting.

And congrats to AC for his Daytime Emmy Nomination:

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Jaanza said...

8 PM
Of course the three new suspects was going to be the lead story. Susan Candiotti's *Exclusive* video just wasn't all that interesting. It was taken at the right time and the right place but it was too far away and too muddled to be worth showing. Joe Johns and Drew Griffin were more informative and riveting. I'll never look at Vasaline in the same way ever again.

Alan Dershowitz instead of Toobin and/or Geragos? I didn't get it but Dershowitz did have a lot of good info on the charges against the new three suspects and will it stick. Prosecuters can argue all they want about what these guys should have known and done but Dershowitz was right in stating they had nothing to do with planning and committing the crime.

Before showing the video of the cargo plane crashing in Afghanistan Anderson warned us, saying it was "disturbing". He should have said it was really really scary and don't watch if you're planning a trip anytime soon.

The segment on the fallout from the gun purchase background check bill from 2 weeks ago was very good. Best of luck to Erica Lefferty in keeping the heat on her senator.

The best part of the Ridiculist was Anderson's incredulous face after he said, "If only there were some other way of turning $2600 into an Xbox."

10 PM
Although the first segment covered a lot of the same ground as the 8 PM's first segment, I did enjoy Toobin saying about the three new suspects, "Can people really be that stupid?"

Guiliani wasn't that awful and Bourdain was actually pretty good. Amanpour was the one who said something rather stupid. She said Tamarlan Tsarnaev did advertise his radical Islamic ideas on social media and why wasn't more attention paid to him. I don't remember anyone pointing out to her that there are thousands if not millions of radicals of every scope on social media and how can you keep track of them all? Other than that the discussion in the 2nd segment was smart and engaging.

Also smart and engaging was the discussion on Guantanamo Bay and its parallels to the hunger strikes in Northern Ireland in the past.

Somewhere in the gun control and background check bill I noticed how poorly Amy Holmes was doing. Maybe due to comparisons with Kamala Harris? While it's great for this show to have the voice of a woman of color, I don't think her's is the right one. Holmes was not helpful to the discussion of any of the topics of the night.

I liked the live shots of cities around the world. In a small way providing a global view.

Suggested future topic for a slow news day: FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. There was an excellent article on a few days ago about this. Some people want FIFA to change the location because of Qatar's horrible record of human rights abuses towards foreign workers. Which will get worse if they have to build all those new sports stadiums. (This is the huge worldwide soccer championship, held 2010 in South Africa and 2014 will be in Brazil.)

aries moon said...

Dana Bash surprised me a bit on 360 when she brought up the quote from Sen. Pat Toomey on how quite a few Republicans simply refused to do anything that the President wanted done just because HE wanted it--something his supporters have known forever but the MSM refuses to address--instead they prefer to blame the president for the GOP's obstruction. This is something I wish could've been explored further during the 360SE show but AC read the quote and it was kind of glossed over. I would've preferred they discuss that problem in DC over hearing from Giuliani. How 'bout some fresh faces and varied perspectives? How 'bout an actual Democrat who is a regular on the panel like Independent/conservative Amy Holmes is? Are Republicans the only ones allowed to express an opinion on Syria/terror/Guantanemo? Because that's the impression 360 is starting to give. I guess if they were called out and embarrassed by TV news media critics about the imbalance on the panel they'd pay attention--what viewers notice probably doesn't concern them a bit so I'm not holding my breath for any changes. I like the format, hope it will stay, but bringing in McCain and Giuliani isn't the way to build interest in the show.

AC's talk show had its problems, but for me, he was definitely the best talk show host although millions apparently disagree. He wasn't perfect at it, he was awkward but he was also uniquely himself, quirky, bizarre, strange, odd, charming and funny, so I think his best host nomination is well deserved even if he couldn't grab the viewers the way he would've liked. There is no other talk show or host that I have the slightest interest in watching so I'm done but congrats to him.

aries moon said...

Once again I forgot to add something to my post, the interview with Erica Lafferty was excellent and very powerful--she seems pretty fierce and strong enough to face down the NRA.

Anonymous said...

A bit too tired for a detailed post, so just very quickly:

8 PM was pretty good and I really really like the round table discussions. On the AC360 website they said on twitter that todays is the last show so I assume they will analyse ratings and reactions and then I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for the format to become a regular show. :)

Plus, happy for Anderson for the Emmy nomination. I agree that he was something special and unique when it comes to talk shows. Hence why I would love to see the panel continue on CNN.

PS: Really looking forward to tonight's interview with LeRoy Butler and the following discussion.