Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Anderson Cooper Anchors Around the World 5/22/13


○ Nick Valencia reported on the mayor's push for storm shelters and on families looking for missing relatives
○ Dr. Sanjay Gupta updates the situation at the Moore Medical Center
○ Jeremy Hefner, Mets pitcher who grew up near Moore, talked with Anderson by phone
○ Suzanne Malveaux, in the CNN studio, reporting on other news in the headlines
○ Pamela Brown reports that children who were killed at the school did not drown, as was reported initially
○ Joplin mayor offers advice and hope
○ Repeat of last night's interview with Barbara Jarrell
○ Repeat of last night's interview with the family of Jenae Hornsby
○ Repeat of last night's segment on storm shelters with Gary Tuchman reporting

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