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From the ATA Archives: Anderson Cooper in Istanbul, Turkey November 27, 2006

Anderson Cooper was in Istanbul Turkey on November 27th,  ahead of Pope Benedict XVI's visit.  On Monday, November 27th, Anderson anchored AC360 live from Istanbul, with John Roberts holding down the NYC anchor desk and Larry King threw to Anderson at the end of Larry King Live ~

Will the Pope Benedict XVI's first trip to Turkey go smoothly? And it -- it comes just two-and-a-half months after he made those controversial remarks about Islam. Anger over those remarks still runs very deep here. Yesterday, in downtown Istanbul, some 20,000 protesters rallied against the pontiff's visit. 

The slogans they chanted, "Go home, Pope," and "No to the pope," left no room for misunderstanding. Many people, Muslim and Christian, are going to be watching this week to see whether Benedict can mend the damage he did with less than three dozen words. ....

Well, the pope, who arrives in Turkey tomorrow, succeeded one of the most popular pontiffs in modern times, a church leader committed to building bridges with other faiths. Pope John Paul was the first pope to visit a mosque. He met dozens of times with Muslims. 
Benedict XVI, on the other hand, has clearly gotten off to a rocky start with Muslims

A background report from CNN's faiths and values correspondent,  Delia Gallagher ~

And Anderson's follow up discussion with Gallagher and Reza Aslan ~

A majority of people here in Turkey don't have a favorable opinion of the U.S. government right now. Because of its location at the crossroads between the West and the East, Turkey has had a lot of practice balancing competing cultural interests. It's been a secular democratic state since the 1920s, and wants to join the European Union. 

But there are some Muslim extremists here who have a very different idea of where the country should be headed. 

Many hear say the rise of Muslim extremism is due in part to the war in Iraq. And, of course, there are centuries of tension between Christians and Muslims. Coming up, we are going to take a look at the complex relationship between the two religions. 

A poll by the Pew Global Attitudes Project: An overwhelming majority of Turks have a negative opinion of Christians and a more positive view of Muslims, not surprising, since nearly 99 percent of the population here are Muslims. 

And now Pope Benedict XVI's visit is calling attention to the complicated relationship between Islam and Christianity, a relationship that has become more strained by events in recent history. 

CNN's Randi Kaye takes a look ~

Anderson's follow up with Delia Gallagher and Reza Aslan ~

John, thanks. Here in Istanbul the crossroads between east and west. We're going to take a look at how a city which lies literally on two continents struggles to bridge two very different cultures when this special edition of 360 "When Faiths Collide: The Pope in Turkey", continues.

The pope in Turkey. We're here in Istanbul, one of the stops of Pope Benedict XVI's controversial visit to this overwhelmingly Muslim nation. 

Istanbul is Turkey's most populated city. It's a place rich in history, the country's culture and economic center. But as we're finding out Istanbul lies like the rest of Turkey, continues to struggle to find a balance between two worlds.

That ended Anderson's anchoring/reporting for the 10pm ET hour, but he was back for the 11pm ET hour and we will have that for you next week.  We leave you with a few more photos of Anderson out and about recording stories in Istanbul ~


Friday night we posted a couple of photos of Anderson at an event that the "Billy Farrell Agency" had tweeted out. purchased more photos of the event from the agency and posted them, along with a description, to their website.  Below are three more photos of Anderson, two with Benjamin...


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