Friday, June 07, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 06/07/2013

Due to the breaking news of the shootings in Santa Monica, only two stories were covered on AC360 ~

Anderson Cooper
Miguel Marquez from Santa Monica, CA
John Miller, CBS
Rona Navales, student paper staff writer, Santa Monica College (by phone)
Marta Fagerstroem, witnessed shooting (by phone)
Joe Orcutt, eyewitness (by phone)

Anderson Cooper
John Miller

Glenn Greenwald
Ari Fleischer

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Susan Hendricks

At the end of the hour Anderson announced that due to the breaking news the rest of his interview with Kristin Beck, former Navy Seal, will be shown Monday on AC360.

BLOGGER'S COMMENTARY:  While I enjoyed John Miller's explanation of how the Govt. surveillance program works, the discussion that followed left several questions unanswered.  To me the $64,000 Question (yes, I'm showing my age) remains is if this is such a huge new development, why did the "government whistleblower" go to Glenn Greenwald?   Or did the whistle blower try other U.S. media outlets and they didn't pick up the story because they didn't believe/trust the "source"?   (For those not familiar with Mr. Greenwald, he's a correspondent and blogger with the U.S. version of The Guardian.  Mr. Greenwald is extremely critical of the U.S. political system and lives most of his time in Rio de Janeiro.  He explained in an Out magazine article that his residence in Brazil is due to the fact that DOMA bars the federal recognition of same-sex marriages and thus prevents his partner from obtaining immigration rights in the US.)  Perhaps Mr. Greenwald has a solid source and a valid story or perhaps he has an ax to grind with the current administration; whichever it is, this blogger was left with more questions than answers after this segment.  Facts matter and I feel very few facts were provided.

10:00pm ET Hour: 
Susan Hendricks was in with an update on the shootings in Santa Monica and then the AC360 special on Oscar Pistorius aired.  Susan did announce that Wolf Blitzer would be LIVE in the 11:00pmET hour anchoring AC360 with the latest news out of Santa Monica.  Not sure what happened to Anderson as he anchored the 8:00pm ET hour from D.C.

The following appeared on Twitter shortly after the end of the first hour ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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aries moon said...

More facts need to come out. The media/pundits/politicians are in full-on attack Obama mode (which may be the whole motive behind the leaks, etc) and there may be a lot of missing pieces to the surveillance story that are yet to emerge. Greenwald is a dubious character and the source had to know about the problems he has had with the Obama Administration and would be the ideal person to release the information--it gives the media a perfect cover to say, "see, even LIBERALS are disgusted with the President". So the President is being hit from both sides for something that started under the Bush Administration and had been reviewed and approved by Congress. Journalist and producer David Simon wrote an excellent article detailing how the MSM has gotten the surveillance program wrong--he is someone who I'd love to see on 360, but that would never happen because he deals in facts. The Washington Post has backed away from many of Greenwald's revelations and I suspect they won't be the only ones who do. I don't generally care for John Miller, but he did a fine job breaking down the NSA program.

Anonymous said...

Good coverage of the shooting and semi-interesting discussion of the snooping "scandal". I still don't get the problem. I thought everyone knew that the US government has been and is spying on and keeping records of everyone and everything, be it inside or outside of the USA? Or did people really thing they were just spying on foreigners? XD

Anyway, I am glad the interview with the former navy SEAL was not cut short and postponed to Monday because I'd like to see the whole thing.

So where was Anderson for the show? DC as in Washington?