Monday, June 17, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 6/17/13

CANCER CHARITY RIP OFF: REPEAT of Thursday night's report by Drew Griffin with additional information added in the follow up discussion with Cooper & Griffin

NSA LEAKER RESURFACES: Anderson Cooper reporting
Follow up interview with Glenn Greenwald

OBAMA APPROVAL RATING DIVES: Gloria Borger reporting

WHITEY BULGER TRIAL: Deb Feyerick reporting

Follow up discussion with AC and Kevin Cullen




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Anonymous said...

Under the topic of 'Obama Approval Rating Dives,' which is what I watched, Gloria Bolger and Anderson BOTH reported this with utter glee.
You could almost see the two of them smiling as they read and discussed this poll.
Where is the objectivity here?
Anderson said that Bush's rating was higher at his lowest point than Obama's approval rating now.
Maybe it is and maybe it isn't...but if you're going to report a poll, which is always open to interpretation, the anchor
has got to be a little bit more subdued, and a lot less cheerful than Cooper.
And if you're that much of a Republican, maybe you need to go where conservatives live and die, Fox News.

Jaanza said...

I had some problems with Monday's 360. The charity scam report (80% repeat) should not have been first. There was some new stuff, new details and reporting the responses these scummy charities made after the original report was broadcast last Thursday. I liked this story, however, it did not qualify as a lead story. And there was still no info on charity tracking websites for people who want to check out a charity before making a donation.

The news about NSA leaker Snowden remains big news and I'm beginning to like Greenwald, who's left of most 360 pundits.

Instead of the reports on Obama's approval rating or Whitey Bulger, there should have been segments about Iran's new president or Chicago's horrible shooting weekend or the new info released on the Gautanamo Bay prisoners.

Even the Ridiculist was cheap and sloppy. While I totally agree Miss Utah had a stupid answer to NeNe Leaks question, it was predictable, sloppy and unnecessary to bring in Miss Teen South Caroline from a few years ago. Unless it was to show that Miss Teen SC at least stayed on track (with a wobbly answer) and Miss Utah went totally bonkers and was light years away from the track.

aries moon said...

I'm not sure how often AC360 reports on positive news regarding the president, not that they have to be cheerleaders for him, heaven knows they are NOT, but it does seem odd that they make a point of reporting how bad his approval ratings are now but rarely have seen fit to report on them when he was doing really well. Would Greenwald have been booked as often as he has been on 360 during the Bush years? He was reporting on surveillance and warantless wiretapping during the Bush era but I don't recall 360 doing much on the subject then. Of course the current circumstances with Snowden is driving the constant coverage now, but I have the feeling that the fact that the controversy has landed in the Obama Administration's lap makes 360 FAR more interested in covering it. I don't trust Greenwald or Snowden, both of whom seem too heavily invested in bringing down this particular administration and Snowden comes off as arrogant and egotistical. Greenwald has a history that I find disturbing, but he's succeeded in assisting the GOP to get liberals and much of Obama's base to turn on him--you don't hear that side of the story much from the MSM. It plays right into the GOP's hands and it's something they've been trying to do for years, find some way to make the President seem untrustworthy and unlikeable, which were (ARE) two of his strongest qualities.

I agree with anon 11:32 regarding AC and Borger's overly enthusiastic reporting of President Obama's poll numbers, very irritating to watch, but quite predictable given AC360's hostility towards the Obama Administration.

Anonymous said...

OT a bit Anderson was briefly mentioned in the NY Tmes on Sunday in the Styles Section article about Luke Janklow.

Anonymous said...

Monday's 360 was a mess, IMO. Why would they start out the show playing a report that just aired Thursday? Looked pretty lazy to me. If the charities had actually granted an interview, then show that, but it seemed to be an Anderson/AC360 whine session in the follow up. What Drew reported in the follow up was a Bulletin mention if that.

NSA is in the news, but Greenwald is trying to make himself relevant again and I don't trust Snowden given the comments he made in his Q&A. Even Snowden's dad is asking him to come home and stop leaking information. If Snowden and Greenwald published the information to open a dialogue on the "spying" activities of the NSA then have that discussion, but that's not what either are doing and AC360 is giving Greenwald a platform while other media seems to be moving away from him.

As far as the CNN Poll on POTUS approval ratings fall - they failed to mention that their Poll they used to base the "fall" on was on outlier poll in the world of polls - which skewed their reporting yesterday. Guess that didn't fit their narrative/agenda.

Sadly, I found the Whitey Bulger trial to be the only really news type segment. The interview with the girl who had been raped was pre-taped and had probably been lying around awhile and seemed to be tossed in for filler, instead of being given the proper treatment with background information and follow up with someone about what actions the Navy is taken as a result of what happened to her.

I guess the pre-taping of Thursday's program, the absence of Anderson on Friday and then pre-taping Monday's program make me wonder if Anderson is just running out his contract at CNN or what. I'm sure he has plenty of vacation time coming and if he needs to be somewhere else at 8PM ET on a week night get a sub. I'm guessing they will be back to a sub while he's in Cannes - so what was the point of him blowing in to CNN for a couple of hours on Monday to pre-tape AC360. John King was in NYC for New Day - he should have just anchored AC360 last night. It couldn't have been any worse than the show they pre-taped and aired.

I'm trying to decide if the questionable guests 360 seems to book lately - Greenwald, Bob Baer, Fran Townsend,etc. are all the bookers are able to get to come on the show due to CNN's low ratings, if the bookers are lazy or if it's the agenda CNN is trying to push. As a long time AC360 viewer, it's sad to see what AC360 has become. I know it's goes through ups and downs sometimes, but lately, the only up I've seen was the panel show they tried for 4 nights. The last three night's programs seem to scream that the staff and Anderson have given up and just don't care anymore. There are a lot of good news stories to cover but they aren't found on AC360.

Also, I was shocked that the 6 month Anny. of Newton wasn't acknowledged by Anderson on AC360 after all the time he spent reporting the story. Guess he's all offended over the cancer charities and taking great glee in reporting on the skewed CNN poll.

Here's hoping Anderson takes a long vacation after his session at Cannes and comes back interested in AC360 again or announces that he's leaving CNN when his contract is up and moving to maybe 60Minutes/CBS or another network.


Anonymous said...

The NYT reported that Mr.Snowden, who I agree is both arrogant, and hostile, didn't even graduate high school! But yet he was hired by the NSA because he was supposedly a "computer wiz!"
Perhaps this will teach the NSA to rethink their requirements.
Almost every institution I know of has standards and having a high school diploma was, shall we say, a "red flag" that went unnoticed as to Mr. Snowden's untrustworthy character.
What was he trying to prove by not graduating? That He was another Steve Jobs and high school was beneath him??
And just to clarify...Steve Jobs DID graduate high school and beyond.