Monday, June 24, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 6/24/13

8:00 PM

Follow up phone interview with Patrick Oppmann in Havana
Panel discussion with Christiane Amanpour, Jeffrey Toobin, John Miller and Fran Townsend
Additional information from Paula Newton in Equator


Panel discussion with Mark Geragos, Jean Casarez and Sunny Hostin


10:00 PM

Anderson and Martin Sadvidge reported on the Zimmerman trial and then a panel of Sunny Hostin, Mark Geragos,  Marsha Clark and Jeffrey Toobin discussed the facts.  Later in the hour Cooper spoke with Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump. Tom Owen talked with Anderson by phone about his expert analysis. 

Several tweets, including this one about a taping at The Dome, put AC in LA on Monday.  We don't know why or how long he'll be there but we'll keep you posted if we learn more.

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Jaanza said...

The first two segments could have been boiled down to a few sentences in the Bulletin: Snowden not on plane headed to Havana, don't know where he is, still looking. That's all I needed to hear. Understandably, CNN wants to get the scoop and be the first to report on Snowden but there were hardly any new facts and I wasn't interested in speculation. If I were Snowden, I wouldn't get on a plane with dozens of media hounds.

Chris Hayes was discussing the Supreme Court's non-decision on Affirmative Action with a member of the NAACP. Oddly, this news was the second story in the second Bulletin.

Somewhere in the Zimmerman panel, Anderson asked Sunny Hostin about the lead prosecuting attorney and how the all-female jury would respond to him. That was insulting and to make it worse, Hostin answered like it was a good serious question and opined the guy "looked like Kevin Costner". So forking what?

When I was on jury duty, the defendant in the case I got looked like a better version of Ben Affleck. But I still thought he was guilty as hell and his story/alibi was a pile of crap. If you are ever called for jury duty, don't shirk it. I was lucky enough to get an interesting case that lasted only three days so my opinion here might be biased. Nonetheless, don't shirk jury duty and always believe the police dog.

Other than the fine ladies of ATA, did anyone watch the entire 10 PM hour on Zimmerman? Anyone....Bueller?

aries moon said...

The Berlusconi piece was unnecessary, they could've used that time to talk about SCOTUS/Affirmative Action or expand on the latest developments in the IRS case instead of shoving it into the bulletin--I suppose the revelation that progressives were targeted as well as the Tea Party doesn't merit a big Drew Griffin "investigation".

The only positive for me with the Snowden coverage is Jeff Toobin as a part of the panel--you can depend on him to bring reason and facts.

I watched the 10 pm edition, but I can't say there was anything especially remarkable about it--Geragos thinks the thing is already decided because of the makeup of the jury--and that may not bode well for the prosecution.

Stephen Colbert did a good skewering of CNN and their ridiculously bad habit of not letting facts stand as they are and asking their viewers to tell them what they "think" is true on a given issue and use that viewer feedback as part of their reporting, which inevitably muddies the actual facts. I'm SO glad he pointed out the foolishness of this practice.

Anonymous said...

I really liked that Anderson aked twice about China and Russia simply acting the way that the USA would have acted as well in the Snowden case.

I kind of hope they don't get Snowden. I doubt what he revealed will hinder their monitoring of potential terrorists and I'm not exactely thrilled about the US and a couple of its allies spying on the whole world, its citizens, industries, politicians etc. Not thrilled is actually an understatment. This has gotten completely out of hand and it is a good thing at least part of its extent was revealed. Probably still just the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...


I just listened to the bit you were referring to and couldn't help but notice how you misrepresented what was actually said/asked.

He said:

"Sunny, you believe the prosecution was very effective today, especially for an all-female jury."

That's not a question, that is giving her a cue to state what she must have mentioned before. She is obviously smitten with the guy and that is her opinion that one might or might not find insulting, not his.

Anonymous said...

No trampadoo you are smitten with AC and in your eyes he can do no wrong . The man is nothing more than a news reader now, he used to be good and cared about his work, but not anymore.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with 7:55PM.
Hoping that a traitor to the US is not caught is abhorant.
And saying that on a blog where everyone supports the US is even worse.
Saying that the US and ONLY some of its allies spy on the world is just naive and stupid.
This is a global network.
Everyone spies on everyone else in order to survive and keep its citizens safe.
Snowden deserves to be tried for treason in the US in a military court and sooner or later HE will be handed over.
It is just a matter of time.
Although in all fairness NSA should be held accountable for hiring "this idiot."
And yes, all AC is doing is reading a teleprompter. Period.
He USED to be excellent.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:55/10:01 PM, since you are the same person:

I'm not going to pretend to support everything the US does just because they is an US blog and I sure hope the admins don't censor posts just because people don't blow sugar up their country's bum all the time. Maybe being a bit more critical of your country would have prevented the government getting away with the WMD lie in Iraq. Or does a critical stance only apply when it's a republican president?

Anonymous said...

For god sake quit criticizing the other posters and saying that two separate ones are the same person. You are nothing but a trouble maker and I'm getting tired of it.