Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, 06/29/2013

The Ladies of ATA are traveling and today we are in....

again.  We attended Anderson's "conversation" with  Conan O'Brien (photos below) and spent the afternoon at the beach.  We turned on CNNi and saw that John King was back in the AC360 anchor chair Wednesday night.  Not sure yet where tomorrow may find us!  -  The Ladies of ATA

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Jaanza said...

I'm jealous. If only I had won the Powerball, I'd be with the ATA ladies in Cannes watching Anderson and Conan. That must have been an awesome talk, they always had a great time whenever Anderson went on Conan's show. And since I'd have the big bucks I'd invite Anderson, Conan and the ATA ladies to lunch at the swankiest restaurant on the French Riviera.

Unfortunately, I haven't won the Powerball. Maybe next time.

So I was stuck at home trying to watch John King anchoring 360 but ended up over at MSNBC watching Chris Hayes a lot of the hour.

The death of James Gandolfini was indeed breaking news but the entire first half-hour? He was a great actor, an iconic character and a nice guy but not a world leader

Hayes covered the immigration reform bill, drug laws specifically marijuana laws concerning the arrest of an old South Carolinian guy growing if for his ill wife and Hayes gave a eulogy - not for Gandolfini - but for journalist Michael Hastings.

I might have stayed with 360 for the TWA 800 segment but I already saw the new investigation reported and debated on the Situation Room. Also, Hayes was reporting on Republican congressmen who want to drug test food stamp recipients. Hayes interviewed Rep. Barbara Lee (her first words, "Thank you for covering this.") who was once a food stamp recipient.

I don't know if Hayes ever mentioned Gandolfini. All other things being equal, I like John King more than Chris Hayes. However, Hayes had the better news program Wednesday night.

aries moon said...

I loved The Sopranos and Gandolfini was excellent as the complex character Tony, but I agree that 360 overdid the trobute to him. I switched to Chris Hayes too.

Anonymous said...

I don't think enough attention was placed on the death of Gandolfini.
It might just be a generation gap, but in his own way, James Gandolfini changed series topics on television.
He didn't do it alone, but he did do it. And HBO has become a force to reckon with in the field of limited series development, providing edgey material that once was avoided.
If Anderson can spend twenty minutes speaking about a French actor who "peed" on a plane, an actor only HE knew, than James Gandofini deserves the half hour tribute devoted to him in memorium.