Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 and Town Hall, Tuesday 7/16/13

8:00 PM
ZIMMERMAN JUROR SPEAKS OUT: PART 2: More of Anderson's exclusive interview with juror B37
The panel included attorneys Jeffrey Toobin, Paul Henderson, Mark Geragos and Danny Cevallos

10:00 PM

In addition to a live studio audience Anderson was joined by Mark Geragos, Benjamin Crump, Barbara Arnwine, Angela Corey, Jeffrey Toobin, Newt Gingrich, Raymond Santana, Charles Blow, Sunny Hostin, Geoffrey Canada, Anna Deavere Smith and Michaele Angela Davis.  Isha Sesay ended the program with a statement released by 4 others on the jury saying juror B37 did not necessarily represent their opinion.


Anderson appeared on New Day this morning:

The interview:

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

360 Tuesday had a lot more of the B37 interview. I can understand why; it got a great deal of attention but I still didn't want to give her any more of mine. Throughout the hour I went back and forth between Anderson and Hayes.

Hayes covered the Zimmerman verdict reaction and the state of justice in this country for his first two segments. On 360 the panel of Geragos, Toobin, Cevallos and Henderson had some excellent comments... but so did Hayes' guests of Rev. Jackson and then three black women. Hayes later moved on to political news.

Since I watched 360 only in bits and pieces, I'm hoping someone can help clarify two things for me.

1. Was Marissa Alexander ever mentioned?

2. In the panel discussions, was Henderson - when he talked - always in the small 1/6 screen as seen in ATA's screen grab? Were the other three guys always on full screen when they answered a question?
Every time I saw Henderson, the one black guy, talk, he was in that small box while the other guys, white guys, got full screen when they talked. Maybe I was just catching the panels at the wrong times and this wasn't how it was for the whole show. Or was it? Please tell me if you noticed this too.

It seemed like the preview for the 10 PM town hall got more time than the Bulletin. So did anyone watch at 10 and can review?

Thanks for the clip from the CNN morning show. It was alright but near the end the blond woman brought up the book deal. She read B37's statement saying 'I've decided not to write a book' but several news sources late yesterday and today stated what happened first was B37's literary agent quitting her. And only later did B37 say she wasn't going to write. it would have taken only a few seconds to report this detail.

aries moon said...

The 10 pm special on race and the justice system touched on a lot of crucial areas that don't get talked about enough on news programs--in particular how minority communities don't have the high opinion of law enforcement that the larger population tends to, meaning that their interactions with those who work in law enforcement can be negative regardless of whether a crime has been committed or not. Mark Geragos has annoyed me for much of the Trayvon/Zimmerman analysis, but he does seem to be more willing than most to talk about the core issue of racism and how it impacts minorities, in particular African-Americans in the justice system. 360 brought together a good group of commentators, Geoffrey Canada, Charles Blow and Anna Deavere Smith were especially strong--Newt Gingrich didn't even sound as horrible as usual and AC's comment about being the poster boy for white privilege was honest and funny but at the same time, I don't see him that way--he could've sat on a pile of money for the rest of his life, but at least he did try to go out and do something of substance, but still there are circumstances that minorities have to endure and navigate that folks like AC and others never have to give a passing thought to. I couldn't stand to listen to more from B37, so I skipped it. It was nice seeing Isha again.

@Jaanza, I have been waiting for 360 to do a piece on Marissa Alexander--they announced they would the other night, but it didn't happen. Paul Henderson was on full screen several times when he made his remarks.