Monday, July 15, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 7/15/13

8:00 PM

ZIMMERMAN JUROR SPEAKS OUT: Anderson's exclusive interview with Zimmerman juror B37 whose identity was hidden per her request

DEFENSE TEAM REACTS TO JUROR INTERVIEW: Anderson interviews Zimmerman attorney's Mark O'Mara and Don West

FOLLOW UP TO THE JUROR INTERVIEW: Jeffrey Toobin and Paul Henderson

10:00 PM

Anderson was live in the 10:00 PM hour with repeat and additional segments on his interview with the Zimmerman juror. There also was a panel discussion of the interview with Sunny Hostin, Mark Geragos, Jeffrey Toobin and Danny Cevallos.

Tomorrow night at 10:00 PM:


Saturday morning quistyle posted a picture of Anderson on the streets of NYC:

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Jaanza said...

I had hoped Anderson got the Zimmerman trial out of his system with the 2-hour show yesterday. However, I realized the verdict is still big news today because both Anderson and Hayes spent their entire shows on it.

There was information about Juror B37 on the internet earlier and I wasn't interested in Anderson interviewing her ad nauseum. However, it was newsworthy and I can see how people would be interested in B37's opinions. It's ironic that someone who professed to hate the media (as B37 did) jump so quickly to get to NYC and give an interview which I don't think will be her one and only by a long shot. I did hear Anderson say this will do no more interviews when I checked in at :55 after (Hayes was in commercial).

There are already a couple internet articles covering Anderson's interview with B37. Several commenters have pointed out her contradictions and I hope Anderson did too.

Hayes did not have B37 but mentioned her. He also mentioned her literary agent and upcoming book and "...will she be anonymous on the dust jacket?" Hayes had good panels on race, justice and Marissa Alexander.

I hope Anderson tomorrow on 360 or in the town hall later picks up on the Marissa Alexander case. Even John Oliver talked about Alexander.

Okay, another day and a half about the Zimmerman trial and then back to normal news, okay? I'll even accept an hour-long show about the royal baby but only if it includes Richard Quest.

aries moon said...

B37 came off exactly the way I expected, she didn't sound particularly bright but thought she was smart enough to insult Rachel Jenteal ("those people", "that's the way THEY live", ugh)--she was entirely in the bag for "George", couldn't relate to Trayvon having a right to defend himself from an armed stalker/stranger. She seemed confused and not intelligent enough to interpret the law properly. I don't believe her for a second when she says that race was not a factor in how they looked at the case--it was THE factor and anyone who disputes that is not facing reality. Once again Geragos was right about how big a factor race is in the justice system and how biased it is when it comes to African-Americans. Anderson was a little to easy on her for my money, but there were times when his questions did trip her up and make her contradict her statements. So happy to hear that her attempt to profit from a book was stopped by outraged people on Twitter, she deserves nothing. No, B37, Zimmerman's heart was not in the right place, it was in the wrong place and has been for a long time. Check out his old MySpace page. I hope the special at 10 will be worthwhile.