Sunday, July 14, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Special Report: The George Zimmerman Trial, Not Guilty Sunday, 07/14/2013

Anderson Cooper anchored a two hour special on the George Zimmerman Trial "not guilty" verdict.   The special was filled with reports from Martin Savidge, Randi Kaye and David Mattingly; guest Charles Blow; an Anderson Cooper interview with Daryl Parks; and much panel discussion.   The panel was made up of Sunny Hostin, Jeffrey Toobin, Mark Geragos, Mark Nejame and Danny Cavellos.

AC360 Transcript
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aries moon said...

Mark Geragos finally said a few things I agreed with, one is that the justice system is racist and totally unfair to African-Americans. It was no surprise to me what the verdict would be--once that particular jury was selected, there was no way the trial would go in Trayvon Martin's favor. I don't know why Sunny Hostin was shocked by it. Zimmerman, his family and the lawyers representing him are nothing but scum--O'Mara calling Trayvon the "aggressor" is infuriating--Zimmerman instigated EVERYTHING by following Trayvon. Sunny Hostin was right that there was a miscarriage of justice, but she is completely naive to believe that jury related to Trayvon, his mom or the witnesses, as Geragos said, those women had the same mindset as Zimmerman--the type who probably believe all blacks are criminals and suspicious and should be in jail--Mark basically said what I figured Sunny would. It was nice to see mostly peaceful, diverse groups protesting the unjust verdict. In spite of what Zimmerman thinks, "they" DON'T "always get away with it", in fact, the verdict proves once again that the opposite of that is true.