Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 7/23/13

8:00 PM
ANTHONY WIENER SEXTING SCANDAL: Anderson Cooper and Dana Bash reporting

WORLD MEETS LITTLE PRINCE: Anderson Cooper and Max Foster reporting

WILL AND KATE DEBUT ROYAL BABY: Anderson talks with Victoria Artiber, Katie Nicholl and Foster

DIANA AND KATERINE: Randi Kaye reporting


ANTHONY WIENER SEXTING SCANDAL, PART 2: Anderson with Dana Bash, Gloria Borger and Simone Bienne (former host of Love Line)

A WHALE OF AN ENCOUNTER: Anderson's interview with Shawn Stamback and Francis Antiqua


10:00 PM

AC360 Town Hall panelists included  rapper Nas, BET Editorial Director Michaela Angela Davis, exonerated member of Central Park Five Raymond Santana, Dr. Andre Perry Cornell Belcher,
Charles Blow, and radio show host David Webb. 


MAFOX tweeted a picture of Anderson meeting therapy dog Anderson today:

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Jaanza said...

I couldn't help wondering what Tuesday's 360 would look like if Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal wasn't discovered until some other day. Would it mean more news about the new Prince? Or more news about other news stories?

Anderson should have reported on Weiner as one whole segment instead of splitting it into two parts.

The royal baby news went on too long today. I don't care what symbolism Max Foster sees in Prince William driving the car himself. There was also too much rehashing of topics covered yesterday. Richard Quest showed up in Randi Kaye's taped report but only for a few seconds.

The second segment on Weiner had some good comments by Borger and Bash concerning the political impact of the scandal on Weiner's mayoral campaign. But I didn't like the 'LoveLine' woman's psychoanalysis. 360 honestly couldn't find someone better for that? Was Dr. Drew not available?

The segment on the divers' close encounter with a whale didn't interest me. Hayes had a much meatier and smarter segment scrutinizing Bill O'Reilly's recent remarks on race relations; he countered O'Reillly with the facts and a panel discussion.

Granted, Anderson had an hour on race relations at 10 PM. And it was probably a terrific Murrow-Award-worthy program. I just want 360 at 8 PM to be better.

Stephen Colbert started his show stating 500 Al Queda prisoners escaped from Abu Graib, "... for more on this news you'll have to go elsewhere because there's a ROYAL BABEEEEE!" Yup.

aries moon said...

Skipped all the royal baby stories. It would've been fine by me if they just talked about Anthony Weiner. Gloria Borger loves to hear herself talk, frankly I preferred to listen to the Loveline analyst who actually made some good comments on Weiner's problems.

Enjoyed the piece about the whales, it really was fascinating to see them and listen to what the divers experienced.

The 10 pm hour on race opened up a dialogue and commentary that should be heard more often--it is an uncomfortable subject and for some, perhaps a tiresome one, but it is still important not to sweep it under the rug. Anderson's own comments were eye-opening and it was an excellent, smart, opinionated and lively panel.