Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, 07/10/2013

THE DEFENSE RESTS:  Anderson Cooper and Martin Savidge reporting
Follow up panel: Jeffrey Toobin, Sunny Hostin, Marsha Clark, Mark Geragos and Danny Cevallos

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN'S ATTORNEY SPEAKS OUT:  Anderson Cooper's interview with Mark O'Mara

END NEAR IN ZIMMERMAN TRIAL:  Anderson Cooper's interview with Daryl Parks, Attorney for Trayvon Martin's family

ZIMMERMAN TRIAL,  JUDGE & DEFENSE CLASH:  Anderson Cooper and panel discuss


FORMER SANFORD POLICE CHIEF SPEAKS OUT:  Report by George Howell and follow up with Anderson Cooper

BOSTON BOMBING SUSPECT PLEADS "NOT GUILTY":  Deborah Feyerick reports and discusses with Anderson Cooper


10:00 PM

AC360 was live in the 10PM hour as Anderson and a panel of legal experts discussed in depth the day's events in the George Zimmerman trial

balletprodigy posted the following photo to Instagram today ~
If you are wondering what's up with Anderson's left eye, he tweeted tonight that he scratched his cornea.


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Jaanza said...

One minute on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in court in Boston and one minute for the Bulletin. The entire rest of 360 was devoted to the Zimmerman trial. Hayes also covered the trial but only during his second segment.

Granted, many people are intensely interested in the Zimmerman case and the ratings show that. Hayes on MSNBC lags pretty far behind but I'm finding his show more watchable because there's more NEWS. I especially liked his report on WalMart and its political clout/influence.

Now it's bad enough Hayes putting on a better news show than Anderson...again IMHO and hopefully a temporary situation. But when the website Gawker is a better news source, then that means trouble.

Gawker, usually the realm of snarky, irreverent and oddball news articles, had better information on its site today than 360 concerning the Muslim Brotherhood leader to be arrested, the Texas abortion bill, the NSA also "data mining" Latin American countries and even more info on Tsarnaev.

Gawker also had an article entitled "Is It Time to Give Up on CNN?" written by a former CNN employee. It was well-written and worth the time to search for. One of the posted in comments summed it up, CNN is now "the poor man's CourtTV".

Aries Moon commented yesterday about the bias in 360's Zimmerman panels. So at least someone is paying attention to that coverage. Is anyone else? It's too quiet in here, write in to say you're watching or not watching, you want to hear about Zimmerman or not or you think Hayes is low-down dirty substitute for Anderson and I really should be watching BBC News instead.

On a postive note, I liked the teal tie Anderson wore tonight.

aries moon said...

All Zimmerman all the time. Even after the verdict there will be tons of analysis on 360. It's interesting that no one on the panel seems to think it's inappropriate to make jokes and take this humorous tone considering that a young man is dead and probably won't get his due justice. Geragos is a bully and an embarrassment on the show and on Twitter. And Sunny Hostin was being ridiculous again with her "McDreamy" comments about the prosecuter. There isn't a single thing I find funny about this trial because I know what the probable outcome will be and it's sad.

Nice pic of AC and the fan.