Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, 07/24/2013

Wolf Blitzer was in the AC360 anchor chair.   The Ladies of ATA are busy packing for our next adventure so here's a quick rundown of the topics covered:

*Passenger train crash in Spain
*Anthony Weiner sexting scandal
*Prince George Alexander Louis
*Controversial comments over immigration by Rep. Steve King (R) Iowa
*Sickening food conditions on the Silversea Cruise Line
*Aaron Hernandez back in court

360 News & Business Bulletin with Isha Sesay

Anderson was photographed on 3rd street in Greenwich Village today by Gotham Surveyor who posted the following photos - Anderson and a close up of his shoes ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

I missed the first minute or two; was there any explanation why Anderson wasn't there?

Wolf did a good job and I appreciated the variety of news stories. The only problem was Randi Kaye's report on Sydney Leathers; it felt too tabloid. In the one segment about Prince George, Tom Foreman had a great look at the line of succession. I just wish he had more time to get into the efforts of some Brits to change primogeniture not just for the monarch but also for the other hereditary titles.

ATA Ladies, where are you going? Can I guess? Northern Italy - Turin, Milan, Venice and Lake Como where you'll hang out at George Clooney's place and tell him he's not nearly as good-looking as Anderson.

aries moon said...

I was surprised to see Wolf subbing for AC--I wonder what was up.

Didn't watch--360 rarely covers anything President Obama does if it's not some phony GOP scandal-mongering, so I watched Chris Hayes who covered the president's big economic speech. Having Steve King on and trying to pass him off as reasonable didn't sit well with me either.

Fancy new sneakers on AC--maybe he was out because he wanted to do some more shopping? :P