Friday, August 23, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 08/23/2013

John King was in the AC360 anchor chair on this Friday night.  Here's the run down on the topics covered:

* Latest in the Okla. killing of Australian baseball player Chris Lane
* Trayvon Martin's parents on Okla. murder
* Keeping Them Honest:  On-Air Protest & Anderson's pre-recorded interview with James Kirchick (the gay American journalist kicked off Russian TV ~

* Chemical weapons used in Syria?  (Unfortunately, this was mostly a platform for Sen. John McCain to voice his displeasure, once again, with President Obama.)
* Sinkhole swallow trees in seconds?
* 360 News & Business Bulletin with Susan Hendricks

BLOGGER'S NOTE:  This blogger hopes John King will become the "go to" sub for Anderson Cooper on AC360.


For those 'Big Brother' fans, the following was posted to the Big Brother Access website
Big Brother 15’s Elissa Slater on Anderson Cooper as a Bridezilla

Before Elissa Slater appeared on Big Brother 15, she looked kind of different in a segment on Anderson Cooper about bridezillas. Apparently back when Elissa was getting ready to marry her uber-rich current husband, her bridesmaids weren’t so happy about her wedding planning insanity. So Elissa and her bridesmaids went on Anderson Cooper for a confrontation about her bridezilla ways.

In her appearance on the show, Elissa Slater had to promise to give up her “hair book” and let guest star Kim Zolciak throw it out, commit to final wedding date of June 30, and agree to let viewers choose her final bridesmaids’ dresses. She agreed to all three conditions and won a trip to Mexico as a prize.

Interestingly enough, we think Elissa looks a lot less like her sister Rachel Reilly in this video. Somewhere along the way, Elissa’s rather normal size lips, rounded chin and perky cheekbones morphed into a Rachel look-a-like swollen trout mouth and jawline and cheek bones of knifelike sharpness.

It was during season one of Anderson's talk show and you can watch a video clip by clicking on the above link.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

I like John King and Friday's 360 had a good variety of news stories. Nevertheless, I still spent a fair amount of the hour with Hayes. While King had a promising start with the report on the Australian man shot in Oklahoma, I quickly checked MANBC. Hayes began with Obama's speech about education and college costs and he followed it up with an excellent panel on the subject.

I understand why King interviewed Trayvon Martin's parents about the Oklahoma shooting. And it was probably a good segment. But Hayes talked to the former CEO of McDonalds about fast-food workers, strikes and the minimum wage, It was a lively and spirited debate.

Anderson's taped interview with James Kirchick was the best part of the show. Bonus points for the lengthy clip of Kirchick rebuking the Russian news anchor.

Probably doesn't need to be stated but I'll state it anyway - I watched Hayes instead of 360's Syria segment featuring McCain.

Regarding Thursday's Tuff/McCary Alfmost-Hour, I'm glad to read some ATA members liked it and thought it was worthwhile. I suppose it was a slow news day; nothing big and dramatic took place. It didn't feel slow at the time because other news shows (Tapper on Situation Room 6 PM, Hayes) found plenty to cover besides the Georgia school shooting.

So is Anderson working on another project today? Vacation day? Doesn't he always take off the last week of August?

Joyce said...

LOVED the keeping them honest segment! Go James Kirchick! I'm not familiar with John King, but he looks like the Shelbyville version of Anderson Cooper. =D
This sounds silly, particularly since I don't know AC, but sometimes I hope he's having a personal day and finally going on vacation. Though, I suspect that he's been working on a 60 minutes piece. Since he was in Palo Alto, I'm going to guess that he's doing an indepth interview with Mark Zuckerburg or something involved with Silicon Valley.