Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 8/20/13

AC360 EXCLUSIVE: WHISTLEBLOWER AND SPOUSE SPEAK OUT: Anderson Cooper's exclusive interview with Glenn Greenwald and his partner David Miranda
Links to this interview part 1 & part 2
Video link to follow up discussion with Jeffrey Toobin and Jesselyn Radack

GUNMAN OPENS FIRE AT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL,  NO ONE HURT: Anderson Cooper and David Mattingly reporting


AC did a follow up interview with Petti McClellan-Wiese, mother of one of the victims

FIRESTORM: BEAVER CREEK WILDFIRE BURNS IN IDAHO: Anderson Cooper and Gary Tuchman reporting



@mayorNYC posted this picture of Anderson riding the train:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

I had no idea the story of Glenn Greenwald and David Miranda being detained by the British was big news. At the start of the 6 PM Situation Room, the lead stories were the three bored Oklahoma teenagers shooting the Australian athlete, the Georgia school shooting and the White House intern program. I have not seen nor heard anyone talking about Greenwald and Miranda until 360.

However it must be a somewhat important story. Hayes covered it in his second segment. But Anderson spent the entire first half-hour on Greenwald/Miranda and, other than getting an interview with the two, I don't know why they deserved all that time.

I really expected the Oklahoma shooting to be the lead story given 360's penchant for doing lots of crime stories.
The Killer Nurse parole - a heartbreaking and important story for the people involved. Maybe it was the exclusive(?) interview with the mother of one of the victims that kept this from being a blip in the Bulletin. Unfortunately Hayes was doing an excellent report and interview about Detroit and how it will pay its pensions.
Hayes also covered the continued GOP fight against Obamacare (Hayes' first story) and Tesla electric cars (they look wicked cool).

I hate it when Hayes' show is better than Anderson's 360. Hayes hasn't reported from Sarajevo, Somalia and stood up to smarmy politicians after a hurricane. But too often Hayes has the better story selection and line-up. And I don't know who to blame for that. Anderson? Executive Producer? Zucker?

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed tonight's show, it touched on a lot of things I was interested in. I do notice that the stories are not the type of stories that he used to report on and part of me thinks that it's due to a shift in the Powers that Be. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I think some of his tweets really reflect that, as well.
- J.

aries moon said...

The more I learn about Glen Greenwald, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, the less I want to hear from any of them. Jeff Toobin's line about journalism being a form of "immunity sauce" was right on the mark. Something is not right about Greenwald and his story/agenda and the inconsistencies are beginning to come to light.

The horrible, senseless killing of the Australian man in Oklahoma seemed to be added into the show because of the outcry on Twitter--I'm not sure they were going to cover it initially--they might do more on it Wednesday. Naturally some are comparing this sickening crime to the Trayvon/Zimmerman case, but the difference will most likely be that the young men who committed the crime will rightfully be punished severely for it. Zimmerman was not.

360 has always been about covering stories that get little notice or attention from major news programs and while I found that admirable at one time, now it's become frustrating because their are bigger, more important issues that are relevant to our lives that 360 has apparently never even considered reporting and that's becoming more and more frustrating. Jaanza's right about Hayes having a much better story selection--fortunately I am able to catch him later in the evening. I've been watching 360 for many years and it's my default news program at 8. I do admire AC and the great work he's done and know what he's capable of when he works at it and is engaged in what he's doing, so I can't quite give up on the show if he's sticking around, but I'm always looking for improvement. 360 Later has potential.

Anonymous said...


The Miranda detention thing was BIG news all over Europe, Australia and South America the whole day long, just like the thing about The Guardian. There was a big uproar and it became a story interesting for the US because they admitted to have prior knowledge of the detention and there was some suspicion that they might have worked together, ordered it or whatever. And I don't see how an incident like that that is so relevant to human rights and freedom of press and the question of what a government can do as long as they refer to anti-terror laws is not an important story that deserves a lot of air time?

Lately I am under the impression that the demonization of whistleblowers was a full success in the US. I guess as long as revealing the wrongdoings of the government and military (as in war crimes of the US) is made illegal those people are criminals. How convenient for the wrongdoers..