Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, 08/14/2013

DEADLY CRACKDOWN IN EGYPT:  Report by Anderson Cooper and discussion with Arwa Damon in Cairo, Egypt and Ivan Watson, Fran Townsend & Peter Beinart in the NYC studio

PHILLY STOP-AND-FRISK A MODEL?:  Anderson Cooper and a panel of Charles Ramsey, Philadelphia Police Commissioner; Crystal Wright, obnoxious Conservative Blogger; and Mark Geragos discuss.  (Unfortunately, Wright was allowed to take over the double segment and Geragos was only allowed to contribute one sentence.  Charles Ramsey made some excellent points.  Here's hoping the AC360 bookers lose Wright's telephone number!)

'HE GOT WHAT HE DESERVED':  Short report by Anderson Cooper
RESCUED TEEN BREAKS SILENCE:  Report by Casey Wian and Anderson's follow up discussion with therapist, Rebecca Bailey

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Susan Hendricks


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Jaanza said...

Of course the new riots and crackdowns in Egypt was the lead story. The segment was good but it would have been better if Anderson set aside some time just to talk to Peter Beinart. Beinart had some good insights and I appreciated seeing a new face in the panel. It was odd seeing clips of NBC's Richard Engel on 360. I might have graded 360's Egypt segment higher if I hadn't seen Rachel Maddow's segment which had a lengthy live interview with Engel in Egypt.

Then it was a commercial break and I left the room. I left the room too long because when I got back my DH changed the channel to the 'Transformers' movie. I asked and got the remote just to check in with 360 to see what they were talking about. Crystal Wright was talking so I let DH watch 'Transformers' until that movie came to its next commercial break.

Back to 360 to see the Hannah Anderson segment. I totally agree it's bizarre for Hannah to give her first public interview in an internet chatroom. But as therapist Bailey said '...if it's healthy enough for her' then who are we to judge if it's appropriate or not. However, it was strange for Anderson to also say that Hannah's father is "asking for privacy".

Commercial breaks are dangerous for 360 because they allow me to see what Hayes is doing. Hayes was talking to Harvey Fierstein! A terrific discussion on gay athletes and Russia. It was totally diggity!

Thanks ATA for posting The Ridiculist; here's hoping the ZZ Top reject and Rebecca can get back together.

After a segment with Maddow, the DH got to watch 'Transformers' again.

aries moon said...

Anderson and the AC360 staff are making themselves look ridiculous by continuing to book the ignorant, offensive and sensationalistic Crystal Wright, her position on African Americans is that they are prone to criminality more than other groups and that means innocent black people should just simply accept and expect to have their basic human rights violated by stop and frisk--is this the type of person they should book for a serious conversation on this important issue? Wright has a problem with black people and apparently being black herself, she has no credibility. If people think this is a good way to deter crime, shouldn't that mean we start stopping and frisking young white men who have a history of committing mass shootings? Charles Ramsey stated his case intelligently and made good points but stop and frisk is a bad idea and is completely dehumanizing and isn't the factor that has caused crime to drop in NYC or parts of the country where there is no stop and frisk.