Monday, October 28, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 10/28/13

Wolf Blitzer in the AC360 anchor chair this Monday night.  An interview Cooper and the wife and brother of former Navy SEAL Cris Kyle was aired during the broadcast:

There weren't many extras that came to our attention in the last few days except for another mention of the taxidermy piece that Anderson commissioned and that we originally blogged about back on October 7th.  This article was posted on the Albany Herald on Sunday:

LEESBURG — Around a year and a half ago, Leesburg taxidermist Grayson Roberts got a call from a customer and friend, Duncan Moore, who said he had an interesting prospect for him. Seems that Anderson Cooper, well-known reporter with CNN, was looking for a taxidermy job and maybe Roberts could do it for him.
“I was like, ‘Yeah, that would be pretty cool if it’s true,’” Roberts said. “But I got some buddies who are always playing jokes.”
Roberts knew, however, that Moore’s brother, Charlie Moore, is an executive producer for the CNN news show “Anderson Cooper 360.” Cooper wanted something “special” in the for his home. Moore said Cooper told Roberts and had asked him to recommend someone.
In a month or two, Roberts got a call from Cooper.
“That’s when I knew it was real,” Roberts said.
Cooper’s proposed project was to have two full-grown Georgia whitetail bucks locked in mortal combat — right there in his living room.
“He told me what he wanted,” Roberts said, “but he had one stipulation. He said, ‘I want them to be just like they walked into my living room and started fighting.”

Follow the link above to read the entire article. 

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