Thursday, October 24, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 & AC360 Later Thursday, 10/24/2013

8:00PM  AC360:
*Updates on school shooting in Sparks, NV and teacher killed in Danvers, MA
*ACA website hearings on Capitol Hill today
*Maryland Attorney General regarding underage teens drinking alcohol at a party
*More on the new trial for Michael Skakel
*Boston Strong, Survivor Steven Byrne roots for the Red Soxs
*360 News  & Business Bulletin:  Martin Savidge

Anderson and Jeff Toobin talked about Dominick Dunn during tonight's segment on the Skakel trial.  Vanity Fair posted this photo today of Anderson and the late Dunn at a Vanity Fair Oscar Party ~

11:00PM AC360 SPECIAL:  
AC360 Later was replaced by a 1/2 hour Anderson Cooper Special -Inside Blackfish, Killers in Captivity.  Anderson, however, was not able to stay for the special and Martin Savidge filled in for him.

After our post went up last night, we learned why Anderson was MIA on AC360 last night ~
 And this afternoon he tweeted again ~


Posted on Twitter today, a Throw Back Thursday  ~
@vdeanfla Vicki Dean " #tbt #Wilma was last hurricane to hit Southwest #Florida on this day in 2005. @andersoncooper on Marco Island"

A few more items from Anderson's Wonk of the Year Award from American University last Saturday:
From ~

Anderson Cooper Studied Communism, Couldn't Find a Job

And people say journalism is a useless major. CNN's Anderson Cooper revealed to an audience of American University students on Saturday that he focused his studies at Yale on communism. "Because I kind of thought that was going to be around for awhile," the CNN host said, according to a release from American University. Unluckily for Cooper, his graduation year – 1989 – coincided with the Berlin Wall crashing down, leaving him to reconsider a career path. "I actually made a fake press pass, and I borrowed a camera and I decided to start going to wars by myself," Cooper said.

Fast forward to today and Cooper is at the top of his field. So much, in fact, that AU named him the university's Wonk of the Year. (The first Wonk of the Year award was doled out last year to former President Bill Clinton.)

Wolf Blitzer, Cooper's CNN colleague, filmed a special breaking news alert to introduce Cooper. "Anderson, as all of you know, is a real, real wonk," Blitzer told the crowd. "He knows the wonkish details of everything."

Cooper also knows how to entertain a college-age audience. "I realize why there are a lot of students here, because you're all trying to impress your parents that this is what you do every Saturday night in Washington, D.C.," Cooper said to laughs.

Video of why AC was chosen as "Wonk of the Year" ~

Video montage from Anderson's speech and the Q & A that followed ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

Thursday's 360 was better, I spent hardly any time over at MSNBC.

The first segment was well done. The school shooting in Sparks NV and the beating death of a teacher in Danvers MA handled by Stephanie Elam and Dan Lemon, respectively. Elam's interview with 12-year-old Mason was compelling but if he were my kid, I'd wait a while before letting any media person to talk to him.

Even the segment on the ACA website wasn't the usual 'Let's bash the ACA website' drivel. This time Drew Griffin took a good look at the company, CGI, contracted to build the site Griffin said, "They're a big business, they have successes, they have failures." And, if I remember correctly, at the end of his talk with Anderson, Griffin admitted the problems with the CGI-built Vermont ACA site had been fixed.

In the first Bulletin, Martin Savidge included the news that the NSA tapped the phones of 30+ foreign leaders. This should have gotten it's own segment.

Anderson's interview with John Moxley, brother of Martha, was alright but nothing spectacular. In Randi Kaye's report on the murder of Martha Moxley I don't remember hearing her say the golf club belonged to Ann Skakel, mother of Tommy and Michael Skakel. Or that the tutor staying at the house was cleared after an investigation. At least Lawrence Kobilinsky stated the golf club came from the Skakel house. His panel with Toobin was my favorite part of the show.

My second favorite part was the last story and video in the second Bulletin showing the two subway-stopping kittens in their newly adopted home. The black kitten looks like my own Inky.

Thanks for posting the "Wonk of the Year" video. It was nicely done and had lots of positive comments about Anderson. I couldn't help feeling these people were remembering Anderson at his best from his past and not from his current right-slant position.

I hope Anderson has a speedy recovery from the shoulder injury. But I also hope there's enough time for him to think about how lucky he is to have good employer-paid insurance and to wonder what it would be like if he didn't have it.

Anonymous said...

AC is said to host "Fashion Target Breast Cancer" with Kelly Ripa.

How come ATA didn't post any fotos of the event?

Did he go at all?

The ATA Team said...

Anonymous 11:11, We did post it, guess you just missed it.

Anonymous said...

"He's a reporter who tries to investigate the truth," just a sample of the Wonk replies from the clip.
Yes, you can tell these are naive journalism students...and I stress the naive.
Evidently they don't listen to 360 either or they wouldn't have used the word 'truth.'